HyperWRT Thibor12 G only does not work??

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by snwbdr, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    Hi I am using Thibor 12 and When I switch to G only in the wireless settings it does not work. What happens is I have A Dell wireless 1350 bg mini pci card. Mixed mode works fine I get the excellent connection and 54mbps, however when I switch to G only mode my card will not recognize the router. I can't connect. I reset before and after a firmware upgrade. Never had a problem with any previous versions of Thibor. I have a WRT54GS v 1.0. Using netstumble I can see my router under g only mode just not under the dell wireless WLAN card utility. Not really a big deal because mixed mode works, just curious if anyone else is having the same problem or maybe I hade a bad flash. Thanks snwbdr
  2. Thibor

    Thibor Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    i use G-Only with my Dell Laptop and it works just fine. i have a Dell Trumobile 1300 card
  3. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I will try upgrading again maybe a bad flash thanks Thibor
  4. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    Tried upgrading again even downloaded a new .bin same thing happens no g only card will not read it??
  5. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    I use G only here, it works. I would suggest you do a hard reset of your router. this should clear any nvram settings that maybe conflicting.

    press the reset for 30 seconds.

    note you will loose all your settings doing this but it then should make G only modem work.

    let us know how you get on.
  6. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    I have tried a hard reset differrent .bin everything. Here is what I have come up with I get B only to work says 11mbps I get mixed to work I get 54 mbps I try G only and lose my connection. When I open Net Stumble all three show up. Must be something wrong with my card. Maybe I need to change something in the advanced settings for my card. I have a dell 1350 mini pci card rev 4.4 Software ver. and hardware ver. WRT54GS ver 1.0. Is there anything to test actuall throughput mbps on my router? Will the status page give me that info? Thanks for your help snwbdr
  7. snwbdr

    snwbdr Network Guru Member

    LAN (rx/tx) :
    1.18 M (0.70 K/s) 6.56 M (0.57 K/s)

    WLAN (rx/tx) :
    1.12 M (0.73 K/s) 6.56 M (0.61 K/s)

    WAN (rx/tx) :
    3.77 M (1.18 K/s) 673.64 K (0.74 K/s)

    LAN (rx/tx) :
    1.85 M (0.32 K/s) 15.09 M (2.71 K/s)

    WLAN (rx/tx) :
    1.88 M (0.36 K/s) 15.26 M (2.76 K/s)

    WAN (rx/tx) :
    14.54 M (3.57 K/s) 1.36 M (0.38 K/s)
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