HyperWRT Thibor16 for WRTSL54GS released!

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Toxic, Dec 19, 2006.

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    At last Thibor and grcore have done wonders with the new Thbor16 for the WRTSL54GS. not only an improved FTP client but now the ability of a PPTP Server as well.

    HyperWRT Thibor16 for the WRTSL54GS Changelog:

    Added new v2.06 codebase including linksys fixes:

    - Resolved grammatical error on firmware upgrade failed message
    - Resolved issue with 11Mbps is listed as a Tx rate when in G-Only mode
    - Resolved issue with FTP access over Internet fails if port is not set to 21
    - Resolved issue with guest access for FTP is disabled by default
    - Resolved issue with available space of some devices are not reported correctly
    - Resolved issue with NTFS write
    - Resolved issue with Modify button is disabled for all shares when All Partition share is disabled
    - Resolved issue with shares are not available over the Internet
    - Resolved issue with Windows Flash Config not setting security mode correctly
    - Resolved issue with UPnP security vulnerability
    - Resolved issue with media server being unstable
    - Resolved issue with NTP server
    - Resolved issue with FTP server not timestamping files correctly
    - Resolved issue with FTP server not being able to overwrite files
    - Removed Full Erase button from GUI due to usability issues

    Thibor Changes:

    - Fully working PPTP Server
    - Fixed excessive FTP connection time.
    - Added Remote/Local FTP Server Enable/Disable.
    - Added Remote/Local FTP Port selection.
    - Added Local FTP Passive Range selection.
    - Added Remote FTP Disable/Enable IDENT Request.
    - Updated ProFTPd to v1.3.0a.
    - Updated Iptables to v1.3.6
    - Updated ipp2p to v0.8.2
    - Extended password length in user accounts in Storage, Administration.
    - Removal of the % box from QoS.asp as it was non-functional.
    - Removal of contrack box in management, now self adjusting with amount of free memory.
    - Removal of reiser support to allow more free space for pptp server.
    - Updated DnsMasq to version 2.35.
    - Updated Busybox to version 1.2.2.
    - Updated Samba to 3.0.2a from 3.0.2
    - Lots of Web code rewriting.(this was the cause of many many late nights and is the reason it took so long; also the reason my swear box is now full, yay it's christmas) :smile:
    - Updated p910nd to version 0.8
    - Hotplugging USB Printer Server.
    - Fixed Port Forward issue from Internal Interface.
    - Integrated grcore's modifications upto grcore6

    I would really like to thank grcore for his efforts here, without his tireless efforts, this could have taken much much longer to complete. Without his ceaseless cockups, it may have taken much less time too, but my swear box would be empty, and my kids would not get such good presents this year :smile:

    The source code will be posted within the next 72hours, and any bugs that are found will be fixed in due course(in the new year and not before, under any circumstances).

    This is my final release for the WRTSL54GS. In my opinion the finest router Linksys have made yet, barring a samba update for Vista, so enjoy it guys, i also think this is the best yet.

    Check out our downloads for HyperWRT Thibor16 for the .WRTSL54GS
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