Hyperwrt Vonage on blocked ports

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by ghostyroasty, Sep 13, 2006.

  1. ghostyroasty

    ghostyroasty Network Guru Member

    Hey all,
    I am attempting to use my school's wireless connection to use my Vonage service. I have a WRT54GS and a WRT54GC that I can use. I'm aware that the GC cannot run altered firmware, but here is my predicament and possibly someone could give and answer?

    The school I teach in has the ports blocked for just about everything including Vonage. This is done countywide, so it just isn't at one school. I was wondering if it is possible to have the router forward the vonage to an online proxy, or just to forward the ports to 80. I have listed the ports that Vonage uses below, so you can possibly come up with something... Thanks!

    The following ports are needed for OUTGOING Internet communications from the Vonage device to the Vonage servers.

    DNS: Port 53 UDP

    TFTP: Port 21, 69, 2400 UDP

    HTTP: Port 80 UDP

    NTP: Port 123 UDP

    SIP: Port 5060 and 5061 UDP (used for older Vonage devices provisioned before 2005)

    The following ports are needed for INCOMING and OUTGOING Internet communications from and to Vonage devices and servers.

    RTP (Voice) Traffic: Ports 10000-20000 UDP. When a call is made, a random port between 10000 and 20000 is used for RTP (Voice) traffic. If any of these ports are blocked, you may experience one way or no audio.
  2. turbo53

    turbo53 Network Guru Member

    If the county blocks the ports, what you are trying to do probably violates their policy.

    Personally, I wouldn't risk my job for cheap phone calls.
  3. ghostyroasty

    ghostyroasty Network Guru Member

    Where I'm at right now wouldn't notice... lol. the Tech person, has no clue about ports. The Tech guys I spoke with said it wouldn't be a problem if the Technology Chairperson would approve... The bad part is, that the person in charge has no clue about technology. Other counties have the ports open for use. There are a few others here who want the same thing since we are not allowed to make long distance calls for business or personal, and there is no cell service in a 20 mile radius.
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