Hyperwrt54GS Problem Some File Downloads Hang

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by Johnfc, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Johnfc

    Johnfc Guest

    I have a new Linksys WRTGS54 v1.1. I have tried the default 3.37.2 Linksys Firmware, and the previous and latest rev 204 of HyperWRT. Most file downloads proceed without problems. I am running them on a Mac 1gig 800mHZ imac flat panel 15 inch. However if I go to the "Stuffit.com site and try to DL the mac stuffit expander, the DL stalls about 2 meg into the process. If I go to the Apple,com site and try to download Safari 1.2 the 7 meg dl stall right at the end. I can DL smaller and larger files 26-97Meg without a problem. Setting the MTU to 1390 works for the Apple site but not for the Stuffit site.

    I flashed back to the default Linksys 3.37.2 using both a PC or a Mac running the web page utility, reset after uprading the firmware for about 30 secs.. But the problem remains.

    Connecting the computer directly to the cable modem lets me DL the files perfectly. So It seems like a router issue.

    In comparison I bought a Dlink 524 for 20 dollars after rebates from Best Buy. Hooked it up and without even logging into the router cofig page, I was up on the web and I could DL both of the problem files perfectly without tinkering with the MTU values.

    So whats going on here?? Bad router or something else.
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