I bricked my WRT54G :(

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Rallen, Feb 11, 2006.

  1. Rallen

    Rallen Network Guru Member


    I tryed to put a new firmware on my Wrt54g But it didnt work and it got bricked :(

    Then i found a website which described how to set my computer up to have the static ip adress and the Netmask and put a metal screwdriver between pin 15&16 on a chip inside the router. I tryed that and i could now ping the router. So far so good.

    I proceeded to the next steps until i came to the place where i should tftp a new firmware to my router.

    When i typed tftp -i firmwarefilename.bin in cmd it gave me a timeout and nothing happened.

    Then i tryed lots of differents tftp programs to upload the file. When i tryed a program called PumpKIN i was able to upload it, BUT it sent to my own computer (i think that part was cause i earlyer in the guide specified my own ip to be

    Now the router is working as a switch only. I cant use the wifi, acces the controlpanel in the router or any of those things that seperates it from a switch.

    Can any1 of you help me put some kind of firmware on it so i can use it again?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Rallen

    Rallen Network Guru Member

    By the way, if i set my ip to be i can ping without touching the pins with the screwdriver, but if i set my own ip to be i cant ping it.

    Will that mean im pingin myself in the first case?
  3. nstenz

    nstenz Guest

    Your computer is talking to itself.
  4. Rallen

    Rallen Network Guru Member

    So i should try to do the chip trick again with my ip set to
  5. Rallen

    Rallen Network Guru Member

    Please help :sad:
  6. Galne

    Galne Network Guru Member

    By the means of IP standrads you can´t have the same adress as the router when trying too send it.. so try again as you just said..
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