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  1. phreakazoidz

    phreakazoidz LI Guru Member

    Dear all...
    im newbie in here, someone help me

    I have RV042 and 2 connection leased line and cable internet

    3com cable modem(DHCP)------|
    Leased Line (IP)------------------|

    My leased Line connection no problem with RV042 and i can do anything ... :D

    My cable modem have IP and DNS from ISP but my IE cannot browsing but i can download from limewire and i can connect by remote to my server.
    i disable all firewall and AV
    Disable request wan
    MTU set 1400

    Plz help... me...................

    :D :sad: :sad: :sad: :sad:
  2. YeOldeStonecat

    YeOldeStonecat Network Guru Member

    Can you view the web admin of your RV082?

    Does an IPCONFIG /ALL on your workstation...show the same DNS servers as you have on the WAN port of your RV0?

    Actually the first think that jumps to my mind when someone talks about a connection issue that seems DNS related..and I see that they run that peer to peer software (such as Limewire)...is a heavily infected computer with hosed winsock files. Running that P2P software is a slow but sure death for your computers health...infested with ad/spyware, worms, ugh.

    Is the WAN IP of the RV0 unit a public IP? Or is it picking up another private one from your cable modem (meaning the cable modem is really a residential gateway running NAT already)
  3. phreakazoidz

    phreakazoidz LI Guru Member

    YeOldeStonecat :thumbup:

    Computer NIC :
    DHCP Server :
    DNS Server: Change to => Router DNS
    its works!!!

    1 Question
    Thanks for ur info... but how to put this router DNS at my NIC?
    how to set at router?

    sorry my about english

    Thanks again :cheerup:
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