I can't connect the ad-hoc network........

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by balema, Jan 29, 2005.

  1. balema

    balema Network Guru Member

    Hallo guys!I am newbbie with all this and I am begging for your help.I have two wmp54gs(PCI).I have on the 2 computers Win XP with SP2.I have installed both of them with the ad-hoc,same channel,same WEP and the IP is right.(Private with the same subnet mask and gateway in the same network as the IP).And in the 2 PCs I have cleared the option that winows can configure the network settngs!The software of Linksys says(and in the 2)that I have succesfully joined the ad-hoc network and the wireless network connection is connected!I have shared some files from the 2 PCs and I don't use firewall!
    But in the Linksys software( in the signal strength and in the link quality it hasn't got anything!How can this be!The signal strength and in the one is excellent and in the other low.(I can see this from the wireless network connection)!So please help me!!!!
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