I dont know what is going on....

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by digitransmit, Nov 29, 2005.

  1. digitransmit

    digitransmit Network Guru Member

    Been using the linksys stuff since the beginning of this post and it been working just okay....One question though.
    I was stayin in a Hampton Inn and I used a public PC located in the lobby where a USB adapter was used to allow the computer to connect to the internet.
    Now I checked the signal strength which read as "excellent" and the 2.0 was the mbps reading. It was fast as hell.

    Now here at home I have a cable connection and there is no one sharing the hub on the block where I live. At the router (wired computer) I am getting speeds of about 4M at least. My question is this, On the computer that is hooked up using the WUSB54G I have a "Very Good" signal always and I am showing a transmission rate of 54.0 (which I know is not right), but my internet surfing speed is allot slower than any of the public computers that I have used that have much slower transmission rates(Like the Hamption computer which showed 2.0 mbps) What do you think I am doing wrong/ Is there anything I can configure on the router to increase my surf speed? The browser just kinda lags when loading pages sometimes instead of just getting it done. I am using Firefox.

    I get kicked off from time to time....What is up with that?
  2. digitransmit

    digitransmit Network Guru Member

    Maybe i dont post anything worthy of response, but i need help with this. Is it my equipment that is faulty or is it the way that it is setup.
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