I finally had success! Yeah! (WRT54GS-DE v4.0 + Thibor14)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by berndstein, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. berndstein

    berndstein Network Guru Member

    Hello to all of you! :cheer:

    This is a great forum! :clap:

    At first i just had a router with integrated DSL modem (Sinus 154 DSL Basic 3). To get online, i had a little usb stick for my computer.

    But a annoying problem for me was, that i have more computer than one, and so i have to install this little usb stick on all machines. This was quite annoying, because on some operating system, this can really be a very great challenge (for example on linux). But i just wanted to go online, not to deal with some usb/networking/or-something-else problems on linux... :D

    Because the DSL modem is in the cellar, but all other computers are in ONE room, i finally had the idea, to buy a WRT54GS-DE v4.0 at Amazon and use an alternative firmware - because the original firmware does not support client mode. And all of my computers i connected to one network, using the integrated switch of the WRT54GS.

    After having tested several alternative firmwares, i decided to use Thibor14. It works just great: Everything, i wanted to realize, i could easily realize: All of my computers got access to internet! Even the WPA2+PSK connection to my "WLAN master". :cheering:

    Many thanks for this really great firmware!

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    another satisfied customer!

    btw welcome to the site!
  3. berndstein

    berndstein Network Guru Member

    yeah ... really satisfied! :wink1:

    Thanks :grin:

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