I got WDS working!!!!!

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by big_redfox, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. big_redfox

    big_redfox Network Guru Member

    After 3 days or trial and error, I finally got WDS working in repeater mode with 2 WRT54GS. Here is what I did:

    (1) Both routers have the Satori 4 free firmware. MAKE SURE you do a complete reset (hold down the reset button for 30 seconds) BEFORE and
    AFTER firmware update!!!!!

    (2) My router 1 connects to WAN via DSL and set up as PPPoE. My router 2 acts as the repeater and set up as "automatic DHCP" on the WAN menu. I turn off DHCP server on router 2 since it is a repeater. All IP are generated via router 1.

    (3) My router 1 DHCP server starts from and IP address for router 1 is For router 2 (the repeater), its IP address is set as and gateway as

    (4) Note the MAC address from status or admin menu (sorry I am not in front of the router right now) for both routers.

    (5) For router 1, go to the wireless->WDS menu. Leave lazy WDS off. Do not fill in the lowest part you need to plug in the IP address. All you need to do is fill in the upper part of the menu with the MAC addr of router 2 and set the type to be LAN. What I actually did was setting up 3 MAC addresses: the router 2 MAC, router 2 MAC + 1, and router 2 MAC -1. So if the MAC is 00:01:02:03:04:05, I will also add 00:01:02:03:04:04 and 00:01:02:03:04:06 to the list. The reason I did this is that WDS was not working for the first time when I only have the single MAC in both routers. The MAC+1 and MAC-1 addr may not be necessary.

    (6) Do the samething for router 2, entering MAC addr for router 1.

    (7) Make sure wireless channels are the same for both router2. Make the SSID DIFFERENT so that you know which router you are associating with when you try it out. I would turn off WEP initially until everything is working.

    (8) MAKE SURE to turn off loopback and firewall for both routers!!!!!

    (9) Now you should be able to get the wireless working. The indication that WDS is working is that you can associate to either SSID and get internet access. You should also be able to login to both routers.

    Have fun!
  2. smellyirishman

    smellyirishman Network Guru Member

    Im trying to follow this but sometimes when I click on save setting my router 2 will not respond (or my IE wont go to it) I put the into the adress bar but it says "page cannot be displayed" and I need to reset the WRT.

    also the MAC router address on my WRT 2 ends with 1E now how do I add and take away 1 from E!! is it 1D and 1F or what?

    {EDIT} also im using WRT54G not WRT54GS does this make a difference?
  3. pum

    pum Network Guru Member

    Hi, I've got the same problem.

    And i think the wrt try a reboot after doing the settings.

    So if you put in the adresses and click "saving" ..... wait .... drink a tea ... taste ... okay ... only wait a few seconds (round about 20 ?!) and THEN push the button :)

    hope it works for you .... no need for a reset.


  4. smellyirishman

    smellyirishman Network Guru Member

    Hum OK, well ill try that but the problem is that internet explorer and opera which iv tried now wont accept the IP, opera tells me I need to download something and IE tells me page cannot open.

    Ill reset comletely then try this push reset

    {EDIT} OK now when I click the save button it does NOTHING, keeps asking me if I want to work offline or detect a connection, how do I turn that off again?
  5. sawnoff

    sawnoff Network Guru Member

    I have not used Opera in a while,i'm sure it's better than IE,but i would recommend http://www.mozilla.org/products/firefox/ for running firmware upgrades,and accessing the router web interface,IE tends to need to be told where to look for internet etc. Firefox just works ;=} and very good.
  6. SpirIT

    SpirIT Network Guru Member

    thank you for this really great help!!!
    My college and I wanted to get Internet and LAN available in both appartements via Wireless AND Wired Ethernet. The connection between the appartements should be over Wireless and the Notebooks should connect like this too. The copper Ethernet is nessesary for the Server and Workstations.
    First we thougt we could handle this with Cisco Aironet 1200 APs, but we we got stuck, because we didn't get a solution working as we wanted. After some time of studying our sources we decided that a Cisco Wireless Workgroup Bridge would (maybe) meet our needs. But then I found out, that my Router (a wrt54g, of course ;-) ) could be a very well solution. So I studied many sources at the www. Soon it became clear that WSD of the Sveasoft Fimware may be exactly what we need and even it was! After many hours of testing and trying we got it. Now we have 2 wrt54g working with the Satori-4.0 and WSD. This solution is exacly what we expected to achieve, except for the fact that the signal strength of the WSD ist round about 86 dbi. Does anybody of you great guys have a hint how we could strengthen this signal and even improve the link quality? The xmit Power is already set to 84mw.
    Oh, and we didn't need to reset the devices before or after the firmware upgrade. It has worked without any reset.

    Wow, I am very impressed of the mighty mrt54g with the satori firmware. As I said before, this solution matches all our needs, except for the link quality, but I think this will only be a matter of time. :) Only think of all the money we safed with the Linksys and Sveasoft products compared to a solution with Cisco. Really really great!!!

    I'd like to thank you all for your great work!!!

    cu greetz

    ps. I'm sorry for all the linguistic mistakes, that I should have made!!! English is not my mother language! :-/ But now I will go for a sleep. Have a good night, all you sleepless silent guys! ;-)
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