i have a feeling its still alive

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by perreau, Oct 14, 2007.

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    Hi all,

    Im new here so be gentle ;)

    A while ago i messed up my wrt54g v1.1 when trying to put third party firmware on it.

    Yesterday i got the feeling that i could get it to work again.

    The current status of the router is:

    1) Power LED blinks continuously
    2) When i plug in a LAN cable, the LAN LED does not come on. Or my laptop does not say "connected"
    3) I cannot ping the router on

    Things i have tried so far:

    1) short pin 15 and 16
    2) Pin 16 and middle of antenna
    3) I have used HairyDairyMaid WRT54G Debrick Utility v48 and tried the following:
    wrt54g -backup:cfe
    wrt54g -backup:nvram
    wrt54g -backup:kernel (tried with orignal and dd-wrt micro but it is taking too long, should i let it run?) even if i cannot ping router?
    wrt54g -flash:cfe (cfe obtained from web with my mac address calculated)
    wrt54g -erase:nvram /noemw

    Plus many more options from the HairyDairyMaid.

    All the cfe and nvram flashing has gone through successfully, which means my flash is still working right?

    All comands run successfully, i feel that i am so close to reviving this classic.

    Please help me do the final bits to make this work, what am i doing wrong?

    I also have a v7 router but as you know it does not do much for now.

    I await your answers,

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