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Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by thebear1949, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. thebear1949

    thebear1949 LI Guru Member

    I have heard a lot about alternative firmware and therefore I bought a new router model WRT54GS vers. 6 with speedboaster bought last month 2007 and have installed it on my local network today. I have also updated the Linksys firmware from 1.50.0 to the latest 1.52.0. And everything seems to work very fine uptil now :)

    Now I would like to make this router version 6 into a lot more :), but....

    I can nort find any specific alternative firmaware to my router version 6 !
    I can see that wrt54gs v4 have alternative firmaware but not v6 and is on a list from our nice administrator back in 2004.

    So my question is therefore:
    Can any of you help me with some links to firmware and manuels to my router version ?
    And also some help about any problems with the alternative firmware updates you tell me about ?

    The whole "thing" has one purpose - getting rid of software firewalls like the one I use right now:
    ZoneAlarm Security Suite incl. antivirus and all that.

    This software simple kills my old AMD 1800+ with 1 GB Ram inside.
    So my plan is the get a hardware firewall that I can fully control and a good antivirus software.
    I could ofcourse bay a new computer but here in Denmark we change all TV signals and thing like that to digital in the year 2009, so I would like to vait until 2009 before I invest a lot of money in 3-4 new computers with mediacenter og home server plus mayby 1Gb network.

    Now you all know why I asking for some help, so if the day have been nice until now let us hope the day continue to be nice...

    One thing more: I´m new here and new to Linksys Router, so some detailed explanation is needed :)
  2. nibbs

    nibbs LI Guru Member

    OpenWRT supports the WRT54GS v6. www.openwrt.org
    You could turn off the antivirus software you are using. But I wouldn't recommend. No SoHo-router protects you from viruses. Just stick with AV-software and just get a better, smaller one. I'd recommend Kaspersky.
    If you wan't use an adequate firewall, try the one which has been delivered with SP2 for XP, if you are using that. I couldn't think of one aspect that the Symantec or similar products would do better, except slowing down your machine.
  3. thebear1949

    thebear1949 LI Guru Member

    Hi nibbs

    Ths for your advise.
    And sorry for my misspelling, sometimes it goes to fast and my english is not what it should be. One of the reasons are that I´m born and live in Denmark.

    But what you suggest is close to what I want, seperate firewall and antivirus...
    But I think that Windows XP missing some outgoing firewall control. A control you can see and work with like ZoneAlarm Pro software (not the freeware it do not have the servercontrol view). Or is it me that don´t know enough about the XP firewall ?

    I have earlier worked with:
    AVG personal, CA e-trust personal
    CA Antivirus (the one after the freeware was stopped)
    And now ZoneAlarm combined security pack

    ZoneAlarm Security Suite (combined security pack as above under AV)

    And 2-3 spyware solutions (but only freeware)

    In other word 3 different programs to solve what I hoped one could do (ZoneAlarm Security Suite Pro - 2 years license).

    So my experience is not that big and every time I read about protection software I got different signals like "sometimes is this software good and the next time it is another software that is good". It look as it change whoever the writter is.

    Therefore I thought it was good, when I heard about Linksys WRT54G/GS Routers and the alternative firmware with some expanded firewall possibilities.
    But the person who told me about this forgot to inform me about the different versions and which one was supported and which one was not supported. I could of course have asked here before I ordered the router, but I did understand that all WRT54G/GS models could be upgraded. Now I know that the RAM and the flashmemory is very important. And that one I have now only have 8MB memory and 2MB flash memory and I shall use at least 16MB memory and 4MB flashmemory.

    One last question:

    If I continue with a Linksys Router of the type WRT54, which one shal I then look for if I want to get - lets say - dd-wrt.v23_sp2_mini graphical setup and controlpanel or a newer firmware or another graphical expandable firmware installed ?
  4. nibbs

    nibbs LI Guru Member

    Don't worry about english-skills. I am from Germany, the country with the worst English skills on the whole planet... ;)

    Afaik the ZA solutions is an ok solution overall. But I'm not an expert I might add. So what I used the last years was:
    • NOD32
    • Kaspersky
    • atm AVG

    To be honest, I don't know exactly what the XP-fw shouldn't be able of. You are right, that it can't be configured as precise as the 3rd party solutions. But imho it's enough when you are not double-clicking every single .exe you are come across on the internet and don't need to protect your PC from other PCs within your LAN. That may be the case with kids which could do what I just described... ;)

    IMHO your software park of security tools is a slight overkill. You sure should have an antivirus tool running and maybe a tiny fw (Kerio is supposed to be good and small). But imho there is no reason for a 24/7 running spyware-scanner. You won't just open every unexpected attachment sent to you by e-mail. So just scan periodically, once per day is supposed to be enough. :)
    Exactly. There is a nice saying to describe that: "Oppinions are like assholes, everyone has one."
    Just try finding out what's the most appropiate solution of security and speed for you and stick to it.
    Yey, I had the very same problem when I bought an ADSL-modem-router without checking before. I thought it was enough that it's open source which I learned the hard way is not... ;)
    If you want to go with a certain flavour of alternative firmware, just check it's related "Table of supported hardware" and stick to it. You'll also find data about RAM, flash and CPU-speed in those lists.
    My advice would be: A WRT54GL. You will find version 1.0 and 1.1 which isn't making a difference afaik. All kinds of alternative fw will support either the 1.0 as the 1.1
    That device has 4 MB flash and 16 MB RAM with an 200 MHz CPU.

    Also nice is the WRTSL54GS with 266 MHz CPU, 8/32 MB and an USB-port (not USB 2.0 afaik). But that device ain't distributed in the EU.
  5. thebear1949

    thebear1949 LI Guru Member

    Hi nibbs

    Your last answer did clear a lot for me - ths very much.

    I have just made a search in Denmark and found the model WRT54GL to about danish kroner 510 (US$ 90) and it should be vers 1.1.

    I also found out the different between 1.0 and 1.1 :)

    1.0: Firmaware 4.30.9 and here you can max load 3MB image
    1.1: Firmaware 4.30.7 and here you can load 4MB image

    The newer firmware allow less upload - for who that can understand that - if the numbers has to be looked at in a normal way..

    I found this information on http://en.wikipedia.orf/wiki/WRT54G

    Do I understand you last comment:

    WRT54GLv1.1 w/Tomato 1.07

    as a graphical firmware you recommend to me ?

    And ths for your help in this matter once again.

  6. nibbs

    nibbs LI Guru Member

    If you want a "standard" router with no extras like USB or MiMo the WRT54GL is the way to go imho. :)

    WRT54GLv1.1 w/ Tomato 1.07 is my signature, mentioning what I'm using right now with that box.

    Alternatives are
    Just check out here for more. :)
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