I may be trying to get away with too much

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by rohan, Jan 13, 2006.

  1. rohan

    rohan Network Guru Member

    Evening all

    I was wondering if any of you bright sparks could tell me if im wasting my time!

    im trying to set up a lan to lan VPN by connecting to the router at the office im currently working at. They have one LAN 2 LAN already set up on their end to another Draytek router and i can VPN in with Windows XP on my end but because im behind a NAT i can't do much

    So this is how its laid our

    (Office LAN (10.0.0.x>)) all static IP's


    (Draytek Router( PPTP VPN




    (DLINK G640T(
    NAT enabled, DHCP enabled, with port forwarding of the PPTN protocol to



    SERVER IP 2xx.xxx.xx.xx
    Remote Subnet
    remote subnet mask
    username & pwd *****


    ((HOME PCS))

    any ideas? or lost cause, just want to see if it works, if not im going to go buy a proper VPN enables ADSL router
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