I NEED HELP with my WUSB11 v1.0 adapter

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by yesup, Oct 30, 2005.

  1. yesup

    yesup Guest

    I’m going to make this brief.

    System: Windows 98se
    Adapter model: WUSB11 v1.0

    What happened:
    - Had to reinstall windows 98se
    - Discovered I lost my WUSB11 Setup CD (no backup)
    - Tried the driver from the support section from www.linksys.com
    - No error during installation

    Results from installation:
    - configuration icon did not appear in system tray
    - looked in device manager and the symbol “!†appear over the adapter
    - Tried to update the driver and was asked for the CD or the driver location (which I don’t have).

    What I need:
    - the files from the CD or ISO of CD
    - the .inf file for windows 98se or where I can get it
    - or any suggestion on how to solve this problem

    One final question, I know this is unlikely, but will the inf file for windows xp work on windows 98se?
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