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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Smokey_Joe, Dec 19, 2005.

  1. Smokey_Joe

    Smokey_Joe Network Guru Member


    I am Setting up a Network for my Church, It will be running from a cable modem at the back end of the church, wirelessly to the front of the church where the offices are. To do this I purchased a WRT54GS (v4.0 Firmware 1.05.0) and a WAP54G (v2.0 Frmware 2.07) And I am trying to set them up with the AP as a repeater.

    I have been looking at alot of posts and have read about firmware and WEP AND WPA issue known to plague this but have come out still not working in the end.

    I am using Static IPs, for the Router and 201 for the AP, all other machines are static and are on the same subnet and range from 202 through 209

    Both Router and AP have the same SSID, name, Channel on both is 9. For security I am using Mac Filtering and WEP encryption (it says in the readme for the AP that it DOES NOT support WPA in Repeater mode) So I have made sure that the MAC Addy of the Routers LAN, and Wireless are in the AP allow list, and likewise the Mac of the AP is in the Routers allow list. I have created a passphrase and put the 4 generated keys into both units and they are both set to use key 2 for the defualt key. The MAC address in the AP Wirless repeater box is the LAN MAC Addy of the Router like it says to use as well. I take my laptop and a wireless desktop and put the MACs of their Wireless cards into the Allow list on both the Router and the AP and then unplug the AP from the network and put it halfway and I connect. It says I am connected to the Network, but I cant access the routers config page, nor could I ping the AP or the Router.

    I stuck two desktops on the other end hooked into the router directly, and tried to ping them from the wireless machines and visa-versa and got timeouts on them both. The only way I get into the router is to jack directly into it.

    This is my first time doing somthing like this ( with a repeater) but I have set up many Wireless networks before. this is also my first time using WEP 8O (yeah I know, i've just used MAC Filtering). I read that WRT54GS need to be 2.07 firmware or they dont work in repeater setups, but the latest update for V4 is 1.05, so I assume it is OK.

    What Am I missing?
  2. atinexus

    atinexus Network Guru Member

    how far are u going???
    check your signal strength with a wireless laptop or pda
  3. Smokey_Joe

    Smokey_Joe Network Guru Member

    I was going from one side of my desk to the other, I finally got that working though. :thumb: I just ended up resetting them and setting them up again, I don't know what it was but it worked this time.

    I am gonna use third party antennas for this. I am looking at the Super Cantenna (http://www.cantenna.com/) The distance I need to cover is probably 150 to 200 feet. I read that the Cantennas are good for 300. Has anyone used these for that much of a run?? Or is there another set of antennas you guys would recommend? Also, do they work with the stock firmware or should I go with Sveasoft in order to put out enough power to the antenna? I would prefer to leave it as stock as possible in case they ever have someone else come look at it, who has never used sveasoft.
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