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Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by bearcatflex, Dec 15, 2004.

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    Firstly, I am pretty sure I will be redirected somewhere else or told to do a search for this type of thing but I have done the search and only found specific questions answered.

    I wish that WDS How To page was still up or if someone has a copy or link to Basic WDS setup (that works well with WEP encryption) for Satori (newest preferably). So if you do know of where I can go, please post it and you can stop reading.

    Right now, I have a basic network with DSL connected to Wired Router connected to Switch giving all 15 Win2K computers their happy time on the internet. I am adding 8 wireless PCs (laptops/desktops) and will buy three WRT54G and flash to newest Satori.

    I want to blanket a fairly decent sized building and want to confirm the setup. All the WRT54G will be running the newest Satori. I want to make sure my WDS will be setup correctly.

    My Wired Router handles all the DHCP for wired portion and soon to be Wireless.

    Please see this Image for setup: http://www.markkeeganracing.com/setup.jpg

    I believe the basic steps to setting up WDS are to put all the WRT54G in AP mode, all have the same channel, SSID, Encryption and a unique static IP address. Then I go to the Wireless > WDS page and in each WRT54G, use the [LAN or P2P] to enter in the Mac address of the other two WRT54G.

    -Use LAN or P2P in WDS page of each WRT54G?
    -Each WRT54G will have the Mac addresses of the other two WRT54G or it is best/easiest for #1 to just be an AP and #2 & #3 need the Mac of #1 and/or each other as well?
    -WRT54G #2 & #3 can have (one or more) PCs hardwired to its’ ports if possibly but not needed at this point?
    -Various other Enables/Disables to get good performance?

    Thank you - Jim
  2. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    www.justinolanin.com/Justins guide to setting up WDS with Alchemy.doc
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