I want to open a cs server!

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by xtek0, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. xtek0

    xtek0 Guest

    Ok this is my problem. when i open a cs server it gives me the following ip for ppl to join "" but when i give it out/ no one can join or if i search it on gametiger you cant find it! i dont know what DMZ. Port. Port triggering thingy i should open! can anyone help me!! im running a WRT54G router Linkysys!
    when i want to connect to it i go to! Please help!
  2. TylerBrown

    TylerBrown Network Guru Member

    What you're looking to do is open up port 27015. You have to go under the Applications and Games page (I believe this is what the page is called on the router web interface). Enter in a name, call it CS Server. For the from and to numbers, enter in 27015. Now, for the IP address, enter in the IP address of the computer that is running the server on your network.

    Save the changes, and this should get you going.
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