Ibook losing connection to shared folder on XP computer 54gs

Discussion in 'Sveasoft Firmware' started by opchee, Dec 14, 2005.

  1. opchee

    opchee Network Guru Member

    First of all I am sorry if this problem has been posted but I haven't seen it. I have a V.2 WRT54GS router which is running "Alchemy-V1.0 v3.37.6.8sv"

    the reason I got this router is because I purchased an Airport Express and wanted to use it not only to stream music but also use it as a bridge to my xbox. I basically followed the instructions at http://rgbdream.com/?p=44 (there are a few different sites with slightly different instructions) and got the airport working as a bridge.

    everything "seems" to be working OK however I noticed on my apple ibook when I connect to a shared folder (on a windows xp machine) after a short while it will simply drop the connection. The internet connection seems to stay up unless its going down and coming back and correcting itself without me noticing.. somtimes I notice when I am grabbing files from another computer or the web my bandwidth seems to stop and then picks up again in a few seconds (I use menu meters on the mac to see this).

    I dont recall having this problem with my old router (d-link DI-624) but I was of course using the latest dlink firmware. while this model had WDS support, there is no way to configure the WDS so it wont do this bridging trick. I was considering the Apple base station but it only has one or two ports for hard wired computers.

    My setup
    V.2 WRT54GS
    Windows XP computer hard wired to the router (my main pc)
    Airport express connecting and bridging connection over WDS.
    Windows 2000 PC hard wired
    G4 Cube wirelessly connected
    G4 Ibook wirelessly connected.

    anyone got any bright ideas? well bright ideas related to my problem? let me know if you need any additional info..

    thanks for any help or even if you just read this and thought about it.

  2. opchee

    opchee Network Guru Member

    forgot to mention

    I am using 64 wep encryption if thats of any concern. Also if there is another firmware that will work with my router and has the WDS goodness I dont mind trying something new.

    Thanks again
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