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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mlester, Jan 16, 2006.

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    Hey I go to UF and I want to set up a local wireless network with my dd-wrt wrt54gs and have my main computer connected to the university's network. the only problem is when I have them both plugged into my computer the UF's net goes down. The problem is that the UF's net has some kinda of active monitoring softwareICARUS on its network which is really annoying. Anyways I want to separate the two networks so they cant see each other.
    There also another possibility, The wireless network for UF is not monitored by ICARUS. So if I could somehow connect my router to wireless intenet and use that instead of the hardwire lan. I dont think I explained it well so I try and illustrate what I want to do:

    destop+laptop ------>router------->Uf Wireless
    (Uf_Lan ---->Destop)+laptop------> router

    To connect to the UF Wireless u need authenticate with a username a password. and it barely makes it to my dorm. if I have my laptop in the window then it can detect it. anyways if anybody has any ideas or solutions that would be awesome. feel free to ask question if I didn't explain it well enough
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