Idiot proof step by step bridging guide?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by oberbimbo, Oct 16, 2004.

  1. oberbimbo

    oberbimbo Network Guru Member

    I'm starting to doubt myself. After 6 hours of trying, I still can't get bridging to work (neither with Satori nor Alchemy pre 5.4).

    I currently have a Netgear ME102 (B) AP for the wireless clients. However, I need to connect another room with two wired machines to the same LAN (so I guess I should be using Alchemy).

    But whatever I do, I'm never able to get a DHCP lease from the LAN over WIFI in client mode (it all works fine when I connect the WRT54G directly to the LAN).

    I configured SSID to match (even took WEP down to make it easier) and the WRT sees the other AP but doesn't exchange any data with it. If I go look on the SSH console,
    wl ssid
    keeps telling me the SSID is empty but in the web interface it's showing up just fine.

    So is there any fool proof step by step guide (preferably with screenshots or all on the console where you can't accidentally use the wrong field for something) for me to following?
  2. euser4life

    euser4life Network Guru Member

    Ok, Here goes... This is the setup I used with a friends Netgear AP.

    Guide for using Bridge/Client mode using Sveasoft firmware.

    --Assumption is that the AP is currently functioning (Does not matter which vendor (Netgear, Dlink, Linksys, etc) the AP is). Also make note of the current wireless channel being used.

    --You must know the AP's router ip. (I believe Netgears is by default)

    --You must configure the Clients (WRT54G) router ip to be different.
    --Under the "Network Setup" on the first page change to:
    Local IP Address:
    Subnet Mask:
    Gateway: ---> (This is the AP's router IP)
    Local DNS:
    --DHCP Server: Enabled

    --Next go to the Wireless page and change the wireless channel to use the same as you noted on the AP's (Example: Netgear wireless channel defaults to 11 so change the WRT54G to channel 11) and hit the "Save Settings" button.
    --Once the Wireless screen comes back up, change:
    Wireless Mode: Client
    Wireless Network Mode: "Make it match the AP's" either B or G
    SSID: "Same as AP's" EX. NETGEAR
    Click "Save Settings"
    --Next go to the Wireless "Security" page and make sure that your Security Mode matches the AP's. (WEP key must match AP's (Netgear) Then click "Save Settings"
    Recommend disabling security until connection has been established Make sure that you do not have WDS enabled
    --Next go the "Security" page (This is different than the Wireless security page) and disable firewall. (You can reenable it after you have established connection, this saves troubleshooting steps)
    --For best connections or tweaking go to the Wireless --> Advanced Settings page and enable Frame Burst and up Xmit power or whatever you wish to tweak.
    --Next go to the Status --> Wireless and hit the "Survey" button. Hopefully the AP will show up, if not then you have other problems.

    You should now be able to browse the internet with the PC's you have plugged into the Client and should be able to access shares on your Lan by typing \\ (the ip of the computer you wish to access)

    I think this is everything. I have had a hard time finding a detailed guide so I hope this helps. :wink:
  3. oberbimbo

    oberbimbo Network Guru Member

    No luck

    My setup:
    Netgear AP is on
    Gateway for the LAN is
    WEP: deactivated.
    Channel: 6

    So I did the following (on Alchemy PRE 5.4):
    Set IP Configuration to static
    GW: (which is weird but anyhow)

    Local IP:
    DHCP: starting from
    Channel: 6
    Mode: Client
    Firewall: off
    Loopback: off

    The WRT54G sees the AP, no problem there but doesn't exchange any data with it (I can neither ping from the WRT54 nor from the PCs on its switch port).

    What could be going wrong here? (interesting: on the ssh console, wl ssid displays an EMPTY ssid and setting it doesn't work, either).
  4. euser4life

    euser4life Network Guru Member

    Is there a particular reason that your Gateway is instead of the address of your Netgear AP? You don't have another computer or router that is infront?

    Leave your IP Configuration set at DHCP.

    You need to try being on a different subnet.
    Local IP:
    Local DNS:

    When you do your survey what are your rssi and noise numbers? You said that you do not have encryption enabled on your AP, so I assume that you've checked the WRT54G to make sure it is set to no encryption (Just trying to rule out the small things 8) ). Also the gateway still looks a little funny?
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