i'm a noobie, can someone explain some vocabs?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by 25jai, Dec 21, 2005.

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    sorry i'm a noobie, and i'm not getting a lot of things in my router
    i'm using WRT54GS v4, and just upgraded firmware to dd-wrt v23(12/21). i'm looking at the wireless status, and i looked at my laptop's status, and i see Signal, which is always in negative value, noice, which is always at -100, and SNR, which is always a positive value... what do these mean and what are they measured in? what would be a good number for a great signal?
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    You might consider switching to a stable version of firmware, like dd-wrt v.22r2. A beta version like v.23 always has bugs and once in a while you would have to determine if you have a bug or some misconfiguration. No harm in using beta firmware but might be frustrating.

    It is theoreticaly possible to have negative Signal to Noise ratio but not common. It is equivalent to background noise louder than the person you talk to. Most likely you would not have a conversation in this environment to start with.

    The S/N ratio is the most important characteristic quantifying connection quality. There is also jitter, multipath and other things that are not too easy to put in one number, but S/N is the king.
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