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Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by psychohamster, Dec 9, 2005.

  1. psychohamster

    psychohamster Network Guru Member

    So I've been debugging my quickvpn issues to my wrv54g. (Thanks much to DocLarge and his infamous guide!)

    I've gotten to the hang at "verifying network" when I run it from my laptop. I did a clean install of 2k and XP into virtual machines and they connect great, so I know I'm left with client side issues.

    I started uninstalling any software that had network components, and after removing a batch and rebooting I finally have a failure audit in the security log from the negotiation attempt (see below). Anyone seen this one before and know what software/setting they had to mess with to get this one to go away and succeed with quickvpn?

    IKE security association negotiation failed.
    Data Protection Mode (Quick Mode)

    Source IP Address
    Source IP Address Mask
    Destination IP Address
    Destination IP Address Mask
    Protocol 0
    Source Port 0
    Destination Port 0
    IKE Local Addr
    IKE Peer Addr

    Peer Identity:
    Preshared key ID.
    Peer IP Address:

    Failure Point:

    Failure Reason:
    The application attempted to activate a disabled activation context.

    Extra Status:
    0x0 0x0
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