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Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by dareino, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. dareino

    dareino Network Guru Member

    I was hoping Tofu's latest release would help me w/my low connection issue but it hasn't. I cranked up the Transmit power to 100% but still no go. The wireless pc is only about 30-40 feet away and I even built a homemade reflector antennae but I still dont get consistent strenght. The strongest signal I received was about 26%. I did the other tweaks found on this website (ch. 11,frameburst, could't get WEP to connect. Using wpa2,etc..)
    Using a WRTG54 V4, DLink Airplus Xtreme G PCI adapter.
    Any suggestions? Not sure about the TX/RX atennae settings in the router.
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    have you done anything on the PCI card end?

    do'tforget this is a two-way connection, the WRT54G transmits, but so has the PCI card as well to an extent. you could try an internal bi-directional antenna like the Dlink DWL-M60AT. i had to use this on a PCI card downstairs, without it and even with a strengthen signal from a WRT54G i still got disconnection problems, but adding the DWL-M60AT solved my problem.
  3. dareino

    dareino Network Guru Member

    "you could try an internal bi-directional antenna like the Dlink DWL-M60AT"

    Well that is what I was trying to avoid :thumb:
    Oh well, they are cheap so what the hell....

  4. dareino

    dareino Network Guru Member

    Hey all, wanted to get back to the forum sooner but my wireless pc went down in flames (HDD). Anyways I ended up making a homemade cantenna for about 20 bucks and w/Tofus latest firmware, I BE ROCKIN'!!!...
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