'Impossible' Connections, but they're happening

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by VikeBoy, Aug 18, 2007.

  1. VikeBoy

    VikeBoy LI Guru Member

    Here's a very weird thing. I have added a WAP11 to my wired home network so that my wife can use her work laptop at home. I set up MAC filtering on the WAP to only allow her machine to access the WAP. (There are also 3 machines wired to the BEFSR41 router, with fixed IP addresses on the LAN side.) Almost immediately after setting up the WAP, the hard wired machines started to get IP address conflict messages. So I went into McAfee's network management and saw that there were machines connecting to my network with all sorts of IP addresses, some matching ours and some not. Some of these machines had names like 'Dining Room' and 'Basement', and were definitely not ours. We live in a neighborhood with lots of wireles networks. So I went into the router's log and watched as someone using IP .104 ('basement' in McAfee) repeatedly hit Google through my router. It gets stranger... as I keep refreshing the router's log, eventually I get a standard browser 'can't display this page' type of message. So I close the browser, reopen it, and attempt to get to the router's page again. Up pops a login window saying that 'the server at at WRT54G requires a username and password.'. I don't have a WRT54G, which I think is a wireless router! (And of course my router's password doesn't work on this mystery router.) So somehow I'm now inadvertently trying to access someone else's wireless router? From a hard-wired machine that happens to be on the same network as a WAP that's set up as Access Point mode only? How is all of this possible? TIA!
  2. VikeBoy

    VikeBoy LI Guru Member

    Anyone? TIA.
  3. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Don't have an answer for you, but the cleanest way of getting rid of the problems might be:

    1) Set your WAP's wireless security to something (not none/nothing), so you require a passkey to connect to it.
    2) Make sure your WAP's SSID (_your_ wireless network's name) is unique.
    3) Exclude _your_ static IP addresses from the DHCP addresses dished out by the WAP or router.
    4) Make sure your WAP is in AP mode, not client or repeater or something (assuming that it can be in such a mode).
    5) Make sure your static IP machines have your router's LAN address (most likely as their gateway.
  4. VikeBoy

    VikeBoy LI Guru Member

    Thanks! Here's how we're already set up. SSID is unique. DHCP is OFF! WAP is in AP mode. is gateway on all the hard-wired machines. So the only thing I'm missing is turning on WEP. But I don't see how that could account for everyone in the immediate neighborhood stumbling onto the network, when our WAP's MAC filtering is set to only allow our laptop. Or why I inadvertently hit a neighbor's WRT54G wireless router from a hard-wired machine (and the WAP11 is in Access Point mode, not repeater, etc.) I'm beginning to think it's a bug in the WAP11 firmware, i.e. I think MAC filtering is on and that it's in Access Point mode only, but it really isn't.
  5. Quijy

    Quijy LI Guru Member

    I agree, you need to secure your network limited the connection options. Set up a SSID the is 26 charters of caps, number and lower case letters. Turn the SSID beacon off. Set up WAP-PSK for your security with AES encryption, keep the lease time to 3600 seconds. Make a large WPA key like the SSID. Mac filter is on and check only “permit PC†with matching MAC to connect. Only have one DHCP running, either on the router or WAP but not both. Limit the range of the DHCP to only two to five addresses. Change the default channel something odd. I think the WAP defaults on channel 6 or 1. Once you get the options limited in your WAP many of you problems many go away.
  6. HennieM

    HennieM Network Guru Member

    Well, the suggested actions are to ensure that you connect only to your WAP, and your WAP don't connect to any other WAPs/networks by accident, whether it's a bug in the fw or not.

    Are you sure you are configuring YOUR WAP and YOUR modem/router?
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