Impossible to log on the router (thibor14) at WDS mode

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by hai_long, Mar 26, 2006.

  1. hai_long

    hai_long Network Guru Member


    After changing the Wireless mode of my second router to WDS (not WDS + AP), I can't access no longer to GUI of this router in order to administer it. The router doesn't have no longer IP address.

    How can i logon to the router now ?
    Thank for helping
  2. fanadonf

    fanadonf Network Guru Member


    Do you try to connect a network cable on this router ?


  3. hai_long

    hai_long Network Guru Member

    Yes, i connect with a ethernet cable
  4. fanadonf

    fanadonf Network Guru Member

    and you can ping the router ?
  5. hai_long

    hai_long Network Guru Member

    No I can't ping to the router
  6. udornf4

    udornf4 Network Guru Member

    you are connecting to a LAN slot on the router - not the WAN slot (with a CAT 5 cable), aren't you?
  7. pf5x

    pf5x Network Guru Member

    It depends on how you have set up WDS on your 2nd router.

    I had the same problem. I had the 2nd router set-up the standard way: WDS+AP, MAC addresses crossed of the routers etc. But also switched off firewall and DHCP server as indicated at various posts in this forum. The problem lies in the last setting. After having done that and changing some of the settings (e.g. channel), the 2nd router looses its WDS link to the master and your PC won't be able to obtain an IP address from it as the DHCP server is switched off.

    Solution: put the wired ethernet port of your PC to a fixed IP (within the servicable address pool of the router) and connect wired to the 2nd router. You should be able to get access again this way.

    Worked for me at least.

    -- Enno

    2x WRT54Gv4/WDS-WEP
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