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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by az2008, Oct 17, 2008.

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    I have a question about inbound QoS. If I specify incoming percentages, do I need rules that are the *reverse* of the rules that control outbound?

    For example, the canned rules include a rule concerning WWW (*destination* port 80, high). This controls OUTBOUND priority. If I setup some INBOUND percentages (in the Basic Settings screen), do I need to create a rule for *source* port 80?

    I don't mean to start the whole debate about whether inbound QoS is possible (or a good idea). I'm just trying to understand how Tomato would match outbound classifications (since it provides this feature).

  2. az2008

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    Nevermind. I did a test and answered my own question. Since there was an inbound rule giving "high" to WWW traffic, I set the "inbound limit" (on the "basic settings" page) for "high" to 10%. I then tried to browse a page and it was very slow.

    So, the rules under "outbound direction" (on the "classification") page will apply to "inbound limits" (defined on the "basic settings" page). Their direction doesn't have to be reversed by duplicate rules, reversing the destination (or source).

    I found something else interesting. If I set the "inbound limit" for "highest" to 100%, that seems to assure that the rules assigned to "highest" get inbound priority over anything else. I don't have to define "high" and "medium". That's good because the way this inbound limit works, it caps each category at its percentage. If I want my inbound VOIP to get 100% when there is VOIP traffic, but let everything else get 100% when there is no VOIP traffic, setting "highest" to 100% (and leaving everything else set to "none") seems to do it.

    I guess the shortcoming here is if I wanted to give my incoming web browsing priority over bit torrent. I'd have to define more percentages (for high and low). And then those would be capped at those percentages. My web browsing would never go to 100% when there's no traffic with a higher priority.

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