Incorrect Time with DD-WRT V23 & WRT54GS v2.0

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by AbighEllo, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. AbighEllo

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    Hello - I thought I would try the dd-wrt version 23 VOIP on my Linksys WRT54GS version 2.0, but it just doesn't want to have the correct time. I can't see anywhere to set the time/date at all.

    At the bottom of the SETUP -> BASIC SETUP screen I have the time zone set correctly to:

    Time Setting (GMT-06:00) Central Time (USA & Canada)

    and on the ADMINISTRATION -> MANAGEMENT screen I have the NTP server as:

    NTP Client Enable
    Server IP

    and even tho' I save the settings and reboot the router, which is on an always on ADSL connection, the router still shows the time as being 6 hours faster than it actually is.

    I also should have mentioned that I also powered off, waited a few minutes, then powered on, hoping that the time would be erased and would force the router to grab it again, but that did not help in either case.

    I had also wondered if the issue is with the automatic daylight savings time tab selection - in our zone we DO NOT use daylight savings time and I noticed another report where someone had a similar problem (but there's was with not having the correct time zone listed), so


    I tried selecting use auto daylight savings time, and sure enough, the problem went away, although since our zone didn't actually use daylight savings time the time was off by 1 hour.

    So I spent 3 hours trying other time zones and NTP time servers and selecting/de-selecting "auto daylight savings" and here's what I found:

    No matter which NTP time server was selected, or not (using dd-wrt's internal) did not make ANY difference.

    ANY time zone that *DID NOT* have the DST (daylight savings time) selection available *DID NOT* show the correct time - it was *ALWAYS* 6 hours faster than what my local time should be (Canada - CST - see [^] ) - that's right, no matter the setting it was wrong and since on these - like Japan & Armenia - you could not choose DST.

    On zones that were 1/2 difference like Australia - Central, it would *NOT* save the settings or allow the DST selection, even tho' it should. Note that the screen always said "saving your settings" etc and I waited for the router lights to all reset and then refreshed the router status page and my browser, etc.

    Power cycling the router made *NO* difference, nor restarting browser or computer reboots (as it shouldn't anyway, but tested to make sure).

    On time zones that had the ability to choose DST, the time would always be, once again, 6 hours faster than it should be locally for me *UNLESS DST WAS SELECTED*, then it would be correct, except that my zone does not use DST as mentioned before.

    Further note - it would seem unnecessary to me that after making any changes to time zone and/or DST and/or NTP time server and then clicking save settings, that the whole router would have to go through a 'hard' reboot - why can't it just save and redo the time? I understand the need the need for reboots for some settings to take effect, and lots don't need it, but for the time??

    Thanks all.
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