Info on Linksys Firmware Policy needed

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by RemRem, Jan 3, 2008.

  1. RemRem

    RemRem LI Guru Member

    Hi All

    Can anyone in this forum explain why Linksys ain't placeing their newest firmware on their website.

    I had a two problems with my WRT54GR, that was solved by upgrading to a Firmware called 1.16 which I got from a Linksys Office where i'm located, why not release them on their website? The problem I had can be read below.

    [Problem with WRT54GR]

    I have a WRT54GR version 1.1 with firmware 1.04, two workstations, one Laptop and one Desktop both with wireless NIC's, and my problem was that the desktop had no problem getting an IP address from the Router, but my Laptop wouldn't get an IP address from the DHCP server. It could see the router with not problems but was not able to receive an IP address.

    After some days this could change so my laptop would get an IP address but not the desktop.

    I first contacted Linksys through their LiveChat, and they could send me a Firmware 1.09 but only with a GUI in german. As I'm located in Denmark and my german is not that good I wanted one in English which Linksys couldn't provide. I then contacted my local Linksys Office and explained the problem, and the supporter I talked with gave me a newer firmware (1.16) with a english GUI. And now to the good news, all my problems has been solved with this firmware.:)

    By the way - the newest firmware that I can download from Linksys to my WRT54GR is a 1.03, it was delivered with 1.04 and if you contact Linksys you can get an 1.16?! If Firmware 1.16 is a BETA release what happend with all the releases between 1.03 to 1.16?

    I can add that with firmware 1.04 I also had a problem saving my configuration under Advanced Wireless Configuration, as it would come up with an error saying "Invalid Beacon Interval" and this was without changing anything in here, this was also fixed with firmware 1.16.

    Best Regards
  2. redernest

    redernest Guest

    Newest firmware ver. for EU users is 1.18

    I contacted Linksys and they sent me the newest firmware. It's ver. 1.18.
    Filename = LINKSYS_WRT54GR_20070427-v.1.18_1.0.68_EU.bin
  3. RemRem

    RemRem LI Guru Member

    Hey 1.18 now - And the newest firmware that you can download from Linksys is still 1.03 - how brilliant is that Linksys?

    Redernest did you get an explanation on why this new firmware isn't available from Linksys donwload site?

  4. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    they only put firmware on their site that has the source code available, if under the GPL licensing laws.
  5. RemRem

    RemRem LI Guru Member

    Thank you for the answer Simon

    I still don't understand why Linksys ain't just putting the newest firmware for download, when they gladly hand them out when you call them.

    It might save customers for some disapointing moments when bringing home a new router that doesn't work because it was delivered with an old firmware. Normally you will find the newest firmware at the manufactor website, but with Linksys the conclusion must be that if you have problems with one of their products, start by calling their support when looking for a new official firmware instead of using their website.

    But anyways - Thank you for your time Simon.

  6. mrafcz

    mrafcz LI Guru Member

    what number did you guys call to get the firmware and what questions did you ask. I tried this through live chat and the representative said 1.0.1 was the latest they had.
    Did they send you a link to download?
  7. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    mrafcz they usually email the user the firmware.
  8. mrafcz

    mrafcz LI Guru Member

  9. mrafcz

    mrafcz LI Guru Member

    My correspondance with linksys live chat did not help. Se paste below

    Kate B. (29800): I do apologize, we don't have Beta Firmware available for this router. I already confirmed it with my immediate superior.
    frederick: So the persons on the forum were mistaken about 1.18??? They recieved it from Linksys and installed it...
    Kate B. (29800): I believe so. Honestly, I try to find it in any files we have, but that is not available.
    frederick: the name of the file is LINKSYS_WRT54GR_20070427-v.1.18_1.0.68_EU.bin
    Kate B. (29800): Please hold on.
    Kate B. (29800): Thank you for patiently waiting Fred. I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you but we don not release Beta firmware anymore.
    frederick: ok thanks. I will keep trying to fix my issues or purchase anohter brand
    Kate B. (29800): I know the forum provided the file name, it could be just a heresay or whatsoever but we don't have it on our files.
    frederick: ok thanks by
  10. RemRem

    RemRem LI Guru Member

    Hi mrafcz

    What I did was going onto LinkSys homepage - change my location for my country. On their website you will find "Company" where you can choose "Contact Linksys" in here you will find numbers for Customer Service and Technical Support.

    I call the number under Technical Support and talked with a supporter that sent the firmware directly to me on my email address.

    I don't know if the vers. 1.16 firmware I got is a Beta software - But I don't care as the product finally works.

  11. Foluso

    Foluso Addicted to LI Member

    I am having all sorts of issues with my newly purchased linksys WRT54GR wireless router. Cant seem to get any headway with linksys technical support. Can someone please e-mail me the firmware at
  12. Foluso

    Foluso Addicted to LI Member

    Urgently in need of newer firmware!

    I am having all sorts of issues with my new Linksys WRT54GR router and i cant seem to get any headway from technical support. Can someone kindly email me the newest firmware version at
  13. djbahool

    djbahool Guest

    I've got it. THX
  14. noir_dreams

    noir_dreams Addicted to LI Member

    Firmware 1.18!

    I talked to the live support at linksys who have sent me the latest firmware VERSION 1.18!

    If I didn't think I was violating copyright laws I would be happy to upload it. Hopefully it will sort out all of the problems with slow connection speeds and dropped connections with the WRT54GR.

    I''ll also post my half of the transcript of the conversation as linksys says...

    "This correspondence is considered confidential and any reproduction for the purpose of public disclosure is forbidden without written permission by the author signed above. If you are not the intended recipient, please immediately notify the sender and delete any copies"

    Since I know that I own my own words I'll post them here.

    Linksys Livechat Helper: Welcomes
    Me: Hi I own a WRT54GR and having been having serious problems with the router dropping the connections and very slow speeds...
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: In the UK
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: I'm using 1.04, I have read in online forums that linksys has some firmware for the product that is unreleased on the website is this true?
    Me: They claim it to be 1.18
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: Where could I get that firmware?
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: could you email it to ......
    Me: please very much appreciated
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: Thank you very much you've been exceptionally helpful, may I ask why linksys don't post the latest firmware on their site?
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Linksys Livechat Helper: Responds
    Me: thanks
    Me: disconnected
    Linksys Livechat Helper: disconnected

    The moral of the story is....go annoy linksys until they give you the new firmware. Hopefully it will sort out all of the problems
  15. geojoking

    geojoking Addicted to LI Member

    I haven't bought this router yet because of all the negative feedback given by it's users, but after I've found this webside I'm thinking of purchasing it after all.

    I'm very interested in how the router performs with the latest FW, whatever that FW may be. Does the router still reduce the Internet speed? Does it still disconnect?

    I need these answers so I can make up my mind... Please help.
  16. noir_dreams

    noir_dreams Addicted to LI Member

    Since I've upgraded this router to the latest firmware many of the previous problems have definately been resolved.

    Speeds are certainly faster and connection far more relieable. I am happy with the router now, however there's a lot of other cheaper routers that out of the box I have experienced which have been better from the get go. Are overall better.

    Therefore I can't recommend the WRT54GR, unless your getting a good deal.

    Also I find it insane that Linksys haven't released this new firmware on their website. Although they have been helpful when I contacted them recently.

    On that note, there's better (even linksys) routers out there, go get one of them after reading a few reviews on their relieability and throughput.

    Hope this helps.
  17. ziggimon

    ziggimon Guest

    Could someone also mail me a later firmware, anything pas 1.04 would be perfekt. I have two routers with stability issues. And they both need an update. 1.18 would be much appreciated. Please mail to
  18. boschi

    boschi Guest

    Please, can you mail me firmware 1.18? I have a problem with 1.04 and I can't find later version. My adress is:
  19. messenger

    messenger Addicted to LI Member

    Maybe as a general rule, but that's not always the case. Refernce model WRTU54G-TM.
  20. motif8

    motif8 Guest

  21. Emile1789

    Emile1789 Guest

    Same problems here with the router, could you email me the firmware? my mail address is Thanks!
  22. mbertoldi

    mbertoldi Guest

  23. rrkrosen

    rrkrosen Guest

    Please, I's also need the firmware pls send me at
  24. I also need the firmware. Can anyone tell me where can I get it from or send it to me at
  25. mikkoc

    mikkoc Guest

    GOT IT!

  26. geojoking

    geojoking Addicted to LI Member

    Did any of you get the FW?
  27. symbiah

    symbiah Addicted to LI Member

    The support give me this :

    I dont have any problem with my WRT54GR, in fact it is work very good and with other RangeBooster device like WUSB54GR the result is awesome ... in fact RangeBooster mean more RF TX Power, so i recommend it, if the range is most important for you ....

    but there is a little bug - when i try to configure wireless MAC filter, get "Incorrect MAC format" and i cant add MAC address, even active devices didnt apear in the table ...

    after upgrade to this version 1.11, i didnt lost my config, but this problem remain the same ... so if you want this version

    you can get it here:

    if someone have 1.16 or 1.18 for WRT54GR please share it with us
  28. symbiah

    symbiah Addicted to LI Member

    :) hei hei - good news for all :)

    what we have here ? :

    this is ver. 1.18, but in the router info is: Firmware Version: 1.16, April 25, 2007 .... anyway

    Now MAC filter work and i didnt find any problems yet :)
    my WRT54GR HW is rev.:1.1 and now i am happy user

    regards to all
  29. geojoking

    geojoking Addicted to LI Member

    Thanks a lot for the newest version of the FW. I also contacted the Linksys Live Support team but as you've said above, they only gave me the 1.11 version. And to tell you the truth I still have a problem with the Internet speed when working on Wireless.

    Hopefully, this version will actually work.

    Thanks again.
  30. Josefr

    Josefr Guest

    I'm not able to download the file from easy-share :(
    Anyone would be so kind to send it by mail or upload it somewhere else?

    Thanks a lot!
  31. jvidal0911

    jvidal0911 Networkin' Nut Member

    Hey could someone please email the firmware to me at since the links no longer work.

  32. Buzzy

    Buzzy New Member Member

    I desperately need a new copy of LINKSYS_WRT54GR_20070427-v.1.18_1.0.68_EU.bin

    My old copy of this is corrupted and I need to flash another WRT54GR that replaces my old defective WRT54GR router. I once got the bin from support, but the message from them was that they do not have the file anymore.

    Another option is to swap needed memorychip(s) from old router, but I feel that it would be too risky.
    Last edited: Sep 12, 2015
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