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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by galex111, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. galex111

    galex111 LI Guru Member

    Can anybody help me, I'm not so experience with Linux. The problem is: I run teddy_bear's recommendation how to add more code pages into the system:
    1) ln -s /jffs/cp1251/codepage.1251 /usr/share/codepage.1251 -> OK
    2) ln -s /jffs/cp1251/unicode_map.1251 /usr/share/unicode_map.1251 -> OK
    3) insmod /jffs/cp1251/nls_cp1251.o -> but the system doesn't allow to do so:

    root@Asus:/tmp/home/root# insmod /jffs/cp1251/nls_cp1251.o
    Warning: loading nls_cp1251 will taint the kernel: no license
    See for information about tainted modules
    insmod: Relocation overflow of type 4 for register_nls
    insmod: Relocation overflow of type 4 for unregister_nls
    insmod: can't insert '/jffs/cp1251/nls_cp1251.o': Operation not permitted

    There is no positive results with modprobe variant:
    root@Asus:/tmp/home/root# modprobe /jffs/cp1251/nls_cp1251.o
    modprobe: module /jffs/cp1251/nls_cp1251.o not found

    What's wrong here ?
  2. galex111

    galex111 LI Guru Member

    Hi Teddy, thanks a lot for your great work !
    I'd like to continue a little bit discussion about mentioned my problem with insmod above. I installed your new 43/44 FW as well as updated code pages with insmod command - all is OK now. Unfortunately neither adding cp1251 nor any other actions didn't resolve my problem. But I would like to note that may be I described it not completely: in the reality I only have a problem with codepage on my Mac - when I connect to the router via SMB - in this case I can't see russian letters. But when I connect from Windows PC - that's OK, all russian letters are on their places, no problem. I read that Samba 2 doesn't supplort Unicode while Mac uses it. I installed Samba 3 onto the router (btw, I use WL-500W with your mod) and received 100% positive results from every computer: from Mac and from PC (Win). I guess Samba 3 consume more resources from the router but it seems to me it's just a single way for me (or may be I need to make change code page/character set to CP866 or CP1251 settings of Mac os x on my computer but ... I have no experience of it as well as I also use Chinese language so I'm afraid it will not allow me to use it). So my question is: is it Samba 3 is a single way to resolve my problem or may be you could offer any special tricks for me ... and for the other guy who asked you many times about 936 code page ... ?
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