Installed OpenWRT and i have no interface nor expirence

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by nomercy0007, Jul 27, 2005.

  1. nomercy0007

    nomercy0007 Network Guru Member

    OK here's the deal

    I bought a new WRT54GS yesterday. Well I have a WRT54G already so I know how to configure it. But I saw OpenWRT on the internet and decided to flash it via dd-wrt pre5. Well next thing you know it says it is successful but when I type in it says 'No webpages currently available
    - perhaps you need to install a package? ' Well I am very good at things with interfaces and I dont know how to get dd-wrt or at least some packages on my router.

    WRT54GS Ver 2.0
    with latest OPenWRT
    Windows XP on my computer
  2. fizze

    fizze Network Guru Member

    did you try telnet / ssh ?
  3. vaios99

    vaios99 Network Guru Member

    Hi there.
    Same problem here.
    telnet is working but I do not know which package to install or how to flash my openwrt to anything else through telnet..
    Any help?
  4. joseangel

    joseangel Network Guru Member

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