Installed wrong version of hyperWRT

Discussion in 'HyperWRT Firmware' started by jigga136, Nov 20, 2004.

  1. jigga136

    jigga136 Network Guru Member

    Err, this is a bit of a dumb mistake...but i accidently downloaded the WRT54GS version of hyperWRT and installed it on my WRT54g by mistake :(. Now I cant install the new version of hyperWRT for the WRT54G nor can I downgrade to the newest linksys version of the hardware :S. Also, doing this seems to have disabled my wireless feature :S.
  2. Avenger20

    Avenger20 Network Guru Member

    That's strange. Normally there is a protection that prevents you from upgrading the wrong firmware.

    Did you upgrade from sveasoft to hyperwrt? I believe sveasoft removed this protection, allowing people to upgrade any firmware (because they have a united firmware for G and GS).

    You should be able to recover from it, flashing new firmware at bootup. On my site is a whole tutorial :
  3. jigga136

    jigga136 Network Guru Member

    thank you, it worked :). Also, i did upgrade from sveasoft's firmware. I was trying out a few different firmwares to see which whould be more beneficial to have. I am going to stick with hyperWRT :)
  4. hotfix

    hotfix Network Guru Member

    Can you tell us why :?: (Just beeing curious.) :oops:
  5. jigga136

    jigga136 Network Guru Member

    my biggest concern was port triggering and being able to boost my WiFi signal power. Linksys's firmware lacked the ability to boost the power (my router is in the farthest corner of my house, with respect to my room). WiFi-box has the power boost, but no triggering. Satori has both the power control and port triggering, but I couldnt figure out how to disable its AP isolation so i could access my network wirelessly. hyperWRT lets me control the power, gives me more port trigger slots and doesnt mess up the triggering. Also, it lets me telnet into the router(which i didnt bother checking on satori) and is FAR less confusing in terms of some of the options available :). I still havent figured out what satori's AP watch dog does :S...mind you, im probably only slightly above n00b level in routing and wirelessness :p
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