Installing and configuring authoritative, recursive, and DNSSEC DNS server with Unbound

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    How to start unbound from Entware (I assume default prefix /opt is used). I still forward queries from dnsmasq (well it is a query forwarder) to unbound, listening to port 40. Credits in this small tip: @AndreDVJ @rgnldo @lancethepants @koitsu @jerrm

    1) install unbound
    2) install unbound-anchor
    3) run unbound-anchor
    4) create /opt/var/lib/unbound directory
    5) copy root.key to unbound directory
    6) change directory ownership to nobody, in case you want to drop daemon privileges from root to nobody
    7) edit /opt/etc/unbound/unbound.conf - In this case I wanted DNSSEC enabled that's why I copied root key, etc. Tweak as you see fit, I don't use unbound as dnsmasq does everything I need.
    8) start unbound daemon
    9) Edit dnsmasq custom configuration in GUI and save it:
    For DNSSEC to work, the following script helps solve a chicken/egg scenario with helping the router to set the time. This make use of the hostip binary.
    I've called it '' and have placed it in /jffs.

    Must be added in Tomato, AdvancedTomato or FreshTomato GUI: Administration -> Scripts -> Wan Up

    AdBloking on Unbound:

    Create a scheduler in the Tomato GUI, AdvancedTomato, FreshTomato:
    Configure the unbound.conf file in the directory:
    local-zone: " " transparent ---> Domain settings whitelist

    NOTE: Implementing Adblock on Unbound requires sufficient RAM. It is advisable to configure swap memory.

    Any problems with time synchronization with ENTWARE, there is this solution:

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    Thank you!
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