Intel 2915ABG <-> WAG200G - Signal bounce

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by jobstfeld, Sep 21, 2006.

  1. jobstfeld

    jobstfeld LI Guru Member


    recently got a new laptop with the Intel onboard wireless adapter. I see a weird behaviour ~1-2 times a day, usually straight after powering up for the first time where by the association with the WAG200G will drop momentarily. The situation will automatically recover but, as you can imagine, it's really annoying since you loose the IP address binding.

    I've had this issue with both the WAG200G and the WAG54G. The problem on the WAG54G was resolved by upgrading the firmware to the latest revision (1.00.9) but at the moment, there is no newer firmware for the 200G.

    The implication is of course that the problem is with the Intel adapter but they don't have any newer firmware either. Any setting that i could try playing with?

  2. Ernestee0

    Ernestee0 Guest


    Did you try the security settings , mine connects ,but there is no ip adress .
    I changend the passphrase to hexa and volia everything works.:smile:
  3. jobstfeld

    jobstfeld LI Guru Member

    Using HEX WEP key (128-bit) - no passphrase configured
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