Internal network host name issue

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by paped, Feb 7, 2007.

  1. paped

    paped LI Guru Member

    I have a WRT54GL (V1.1) router when it was on version 1.02 everything worked fine regarding host names on my internal network but since upgrading to 1.03 I have been unable to use host names to connect between systems on my internal network. I have reset the router, upgraded to 1.04 and reset the router but it still is not working, instead of typing "myserver" I am having to use the full IP addresses. Is anybody else have similar issues or any ideas why this is happening?

    This only seems to be happen on the internal network, externally on the web seems fine.

    Thanks in advance for else help you can give.
  2. larsrya8

    larsrya8 LI Guru Member

    Like typing \\ComputerName into Explorer and having it show the shared resources on that computer? It's working on mine... running 1.03.
  3. paped

    paped LI Guru Member

    Yep like type \\computername I have to now type \\192.168.x.x I have even had to change the mapped drives to the IP addresses rather then the computer name...? Same applies for if I use a browser even when I am connected to the router itself I have to use the IP address. Also it is worth noting that I have virtually all my systems using reserved IP addresses via DHCP so in theory when they connect this should add them to the DNS, ARP tables in the router, the DNS on all connected equipment is set to my routers IP address so I am a bit baffelled as to what is going wrong....
  4. paped

    paped LI Guru Member

    I have found the solution to the issue is appears that presumably during the 1.03 upgrade that the "Use Internal Caching DNS Forwarder" & "Use Received DNS With Static DNS" options within the Advanced >> DHCP/DNS page had become un-ticked. I have now ticked these and I can use \\computername drive mappings and connect to the host names in the browser again.... :)
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