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Discussion in 'Modding Forum' started by ACE 256, Feb 24, 2010.

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    This is a mod I cam up with a few years ago when my laptop fell off my desk onto my PCMCIA wireless card, breaking it nearly in half. Pics of previous mods can be found here, here , here and here.

    For this mod I chose the linksys wpc600n-rm (found here) because it was only 20$ shipped and warranty wasn't an issue.

    As I don't know the details about how N uses mimo and multiplexing I decided to use the original antennas instead of retrofitting others. This unfortunately made this into a larger mod (uses two slots instead of one).

    First I cut the card just short enough to fit inside the slot, applied heatsinks and glued the pcmcia aligning rail on. (The wpc600n seems to have heat issues and throttles badly if not cooled)

    Then carefully soldered the three antenna leads and a ground lead to the now separate antenna board and then glued the antenna board to the top of the heatsinks.

    The completed mod connects slightly slower then the stock one (due to internal laptop shielding), but has far superior connection stability. It should be noted that the wpc600n has a very curious (bug?). Modded and unmodded the card will throttle back to a connection of ~11Mbps and idle there. But as soon as there's any significant load on the connection it will throttle up to max connection speeds. This has no apparent correlation with powersaving features.

    Finished mod pic

    Detailed results are:
    Before: 216Mbps ~ 270Mbps dropping to 11Mbps ~ 54Mbps after 5 mins of heating.
    After: 162Mbps ~ 270Mbps stable.
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