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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Uberjava, Dec 11, 2008.

  1. Uberjava

    Uberjava Guest

    I'm about ready to ditch Tomato and my Buffalo WHR-HP-G54 router, but wanted to give it one more try.

    I've been using Tomato for years and been pretty happy. I started getting frequent dropped internet connections recently and since I use vonage for a business line, this intermittent connect is not acceptable.

    As background:

    Router: Buffalo WHR-HP-G54
    Tomato Verision: 1.21 (I moved back from 1.22 to see if the upgrade was at fault)
    Internet Connection: DSL
    ISP: Windstream
    Modem: Seimen Speed Stream 4200 in bridge mode

    Now, the weirdness of this is that I will lose internet connect (dropped vonage, can't access web), but Tomato shows me as still connected. I hit reboot and I get back on the internet for a while and then lose the connection again.

    I've spoken to Windstream who on testing thought it was a bad modem. They could see how the modem was dropping the connection. I picked up a new modem yesterday, but the problem persists.

    Given that the router reboot temporarily fixes the problem and that Tomato erroneously shows me connected when I'm not, I'm thinking that Tomato and/or the router is my problem.


    Thanks, much!!
  2. ifican

    ifican Network Guru Member

    Well you have done half of the troubleshooting. When the connection drops, you can obviously still connect to your router so the router is fine. What you need to do now is figure out what the router is seeing when the connection drops. Do you still show the port connected (i believe you do) that will tell you that the port is physically working. Can you ping the default gateway for the wan side subnet? If no, do you still show any arp entry (mac address) for that default ip? You can then at this point get as involved as you like, can go as fas a getting a switch putting it between and sniffing traffic to see what is going on. If you dont really care that much and just want it to work. Depending on the outcome of the above you can test with another router. If the problem goes away then you have determined it is something with your router.
  3. bigclaw

    bigclaw Network Guru Member

    Your problem can also be caused by things like line problems, etc. Tomato is not that robust detecting a dropped line, so I'm not surprised that it shows connected when the connection is already bad.

    Have you tried temporarily connecting to the modem directly from your PC or VoIP device to see if the problem is still there? That's the only way to ensure that the router is or is not your problem.
  4. pfoomer

    pfoomer LI Guru Member

    I concur

    I run a script to detect modem disconnection, it changes the led colour on the router, I can physically disconnect the telephone line, and despite the fact the detection script checks every 5 seconds, it can take up to a minute for the light to change.

    Also, every time I get bad connections, I check my modem's status to see what the receive signal to noise ratio is, if its less than 10, I reboot the modem, which usually sorts the problem

    The S/N can drop for all sorts of reasons, damp weather being one for example.
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