Internet connection fails regularly.

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by ChiTownMac, Jan 21, 2009.

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    I have comcast cable internet. To it is attached a Linksys router WRT54G with the newest firmware. To it is attached a Netgear 8 port ethernet switch. I have the following wired to the switch.. my iMac which also has wireless enabled and runs parallels with XP home running on it. There is also a macbook that is hardwired half the time, wireless the other half. I have my Brother mfc 8820d(with optional network card) all-in-one attached 24/7 to the network. I also have a Buffalo link station being used as a NAS. I also have a vonage voip router(motorola) attached as well. Plus, i have a new macbook that is almost always wireless, a hp pc mostly wireless, a eec pc always wireless, and HTC mobile phone w/wireless, 2 iphones that use the wireless and my tivo uses a wireless adapter. I think thats it!? Now, what is happening is, every few days, the internet fails. It could be in the middle of the night, morning, evening, etc.. there seems to be no pattern to it. Many times, after i reboot everything, it will happen again within 10 min. If it doesn't, its' good for a few days again. I can make no sense of it. Someone said it my be my vonage router causing issues??? When this happens, I get a message on my iMac that there was an ip conflict. It will tell me that ip address ........ is in use by ................? The last time I got this message, I looked up the MAC and it was to one of the iPhones. I look in the iPhone wireless setup, and it's set to DHCP. Not saying that every time its the same MAC address. I don't always get the IP address conflict message. Is the linksys maybe not setup correctly?? This is been nagging me for a year now!! Thank you for any help..
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