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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by lars1424, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. lars1424

    lars1424 Guest

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I wasn't able to find it in a search.

    I am running WinXP on the two computers in my network. One is wireless, and one is wired. My router is the Linksys G. The wireless computer (using the usb wireless adapter) occasionally "loses" the internet, though it is still connected to the access point.

    I know the access point is still connected to the internet because the wired computer can always go online. It seems to be a sporadic problem, sometimes working and sometimes not. Usually after restarting the computer it "finds" the internet again, but not always.

    The wireless computer is a desktop, one floor above the router but only about 25 feet away from it. (according to the literature, I should be able to connect indoors up to 300 feet away)

    A further point of confusion is that sometimes I CAN view the internet even when it says "You are connected to the access point but the internet cannot be found."

    Is this a software problem? Do I need to amplify the signal somehow? This is my first foray into the world of networks. Maybe I'm just incompetent, but I didn't have this problem using the same equipment at my last apartment. Although back then my "primary use" computer was the wired one, and the wireless computer I used much less frequently, so I may not have noticed the issue.
  2. HennieM

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    Possibly 3 issues I can think of [and assuming your "Linksys G" router is WRT54G or something similar with the normal dipole antenna(s)]:

    1) The wireless signal directly above or below a dipole antenna (the little 4 inch plastic covered antenna) is virtually zero. This is because the signal radiates like a donut around this antenna. [Imagine slipping a donot over the antenna with the antenna upright, and then multiplying that donut by maybe 100 times or so outward.]
    If so, a fix may be to have one of your antennas at maybe 45 deg. or flatter. If you do that, you may also have to tilt your USB dapter's antenna at the same 45 deg.

    2) It sounds like your wireless WinXP could be having name resolution problems. Going to Services and turning OFF (disable) the DNS client may help resolve that. [The Win client sometimes (most of the time?) does not check the DNS server like it should, which results in false "host not found" issues.]

    3) You may need to upgrade the driver for your wireless adapter.

    If you still can't fix the problem, a workaround may be to - instead of rebooting the wireless computer - go to a DOS prompt and typing

    ipconfig -renew

    which will renew the DHCP lease on the adapter(s), and sort of force Windoze to restart its name resolution and other basic network tasks.
  3. Slapdash ZA

    Slapdash ZA Guest

    Having exactly the same type of issues

    Using Firmware Version: 1.01.11. on the WAG354G. My router is also above me but not directly so I think I'm out of the "donut zone" :) but I moved it so it's around 45 degrees.

    It's not the wireless adapters as I have the Laptop, a desktop and the Xbox360 wireless adapter all not picking up the internet connection. i.e I can still connect to the access point.

    I'll try the DNS client and see what happens.

    Anyone know how to tell the difference between the WAG354G V1 and V2? There is no indication if its version 1 or 2 on the device so I'm guessing it's V1. It is the ADSL 2+ one though and as I can see the latest version is version 1.011 not sure though.

    BTW HennieM Greetings from from South Africa ;)
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