internet gateway necessary though connecting thru wrt54gs v4

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by EDDYMERCKX, Mar 10, 2006.


    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    running latest thibor release though this existed on thibor 12. i just upgraded.

    ok, very strange. noticed that i had an internet gateway in network connection properties as well as the regular LAN connection. i have no idea how long it has been there. i also have internet connection sharing/firewall disabled.

    first thing, i never setup this gateway and THOUGHT i had been connecting straight thru the router. i did have vmware installed and was using the host connection to access the internet (thru vmOS) but i've since uninstalled vmware. that changed nothing.

    also, when i disable this gateway, there is no internet connection, period. even when i do release/renew via router status page, i get absolutely no connection.

    so, somehow my computer has become the gateway for the network. when i go to properties of this gateway it shows the BT ports being forwarded via UPnP by the router to another comp on the LAN. if i disable this and check the status of UPnP ports via the router config page it lists the same ports though in red. if i re-enable these ports (in XP) the ports go back to black.

    i hope this isn't confusing but i can post some pictures to illustrate exactly what is going on. i've tried rebooting the router, rebooting my modem to reset the connection and upgrading firmware to no avail. if this is how it's supposed to work that's fine, let me know that as well. i don't understand how even though i have this router that my comp has become the gateway for the internet.

    help plz. :eek:
  2. NateHoy

    NateHoy Network Guru Member

    If you are running Windows XP, you may see a new "Internet Gateway" icon in your Windows setup. As the late, great Douglas Adams would say "DON'T PANIC!!!"

    This is a Windows XP function, responding to a UPnP-active router in your network. You are looking at the ROUTER, not a gateway function within your local computer.

    EDDYMERCKX Network Guru Member

    ahhhh ok. i did not know that. thank you!
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