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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by spookyneo, Sep 1, 2010.

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    Hello everyone,

    Since few days, I am struggling with my wireless network. I got my girlfriend and my iPhone that are using the Wi-Fi and many times during the day, the Wi-Fi cannot connect to the Internet. The devices still have signal, pretty strong and are not disconnected from the network. However, MSN will disconnect, ping won't reach google and browsing will not work. I have to manually reset the wireless in Tomato to the clients will have access to Internet once again. There is no pattern for when the clients will loose Internet. It just happens randomly.

    I am running TomatoUSB Build 49. I'm running OpenVPN in Server TAP.

    I can't pin point if it is a configuration I changed. Every day or so I fine tune the router. In the beginning of the week, I played with the Advanved Wireless Settings. I thought it could be causing the issue so I changed it back to default. After that I did some changes in the Scripts, but nothing related to Wireless or Internet (only miniDLNA and Transmission). I then deactivated my FTP Server...

    To be honest, I can't find if it is a configuration error or anything else. While the issue was happening, I ran inSSIDer to see if there was any drop of connections, and there were none. As I was saying earlier, all the devices stay connected but they don't have Internet access. I doubt it is the wireless signal then. I'm running on Channel 9, where there is not much people around this channel so there shouldn't be any interferences with other routers. When the issue was happening, I also took a look at top in SSH to see if anything was taking all the CPU, but nothing was. It was at normal state.

    I tried rebooting the router from Tomato. Shutdown, remove the ac adapter and power up but did not resolve the issue.

    I don't have QoS enabled and did not change anything in the firewall.

    It used to work fine last week, so something has changed. I just hope my RT-N16 is not dying on me. I adore this router.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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