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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Newstech, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Newstech

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    Here's a procedure to play Internet radio through the WMA11B media adapter, using TwonkyVision's music server software.

    1. Install the Cidero UPnP free software
    and start up mediacontroller.bat

    2. Crank up the free Twonky music server.
    You should see it appear as a server option in Cidero.

    3. Start the WMA11B and let it download its Linksys app, but otherwise leave it alone.

    4. On media controller, select Twonky server / Internet radio, and click a category to put stations on the righthand side.

    5. Select the "Intel media renderer" that represents the Linksys box.

    6. On the right, select a radio station and add it to the playlist.

    7. Click the Play button on the renderer gizmo.

    If the wind is coming from the right direction, your WMA11B will start streaming the radio station. Sometimes it gets ornery and won't play; I'm not sure why.

    Unfortunately, I haven't yet figured how to control from the WMA11B remote.

    It seems there would be two possibilities:
    1. Find a way to construct an M3U playlist, referencing the Twonky proxy, that the Linksys box would recognize.
    2. Hack the XML in squishguava to make it look for Twonky rather than the Linksys server.

    I would love to hear from someone more knowledgeable than me about whether either of those might be possible.
  2. AkriaII

    AkriaII Network Guru Member

    Awesome feature!! I wonder if there is a way to stream the local music from the computer to avoid having to turn on the TV at all?

    Also, the TwonkyMedia is no longer free, but it works great for the 10 minutes before it cuts out (trial version)

    Thanks for the info!
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