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    Hi Guys ,

    Im facing a problem with my internet connectivity. It slows down and i can feel the fluctuvations / variation in the speed. I have a 512 kbps broadband connectivity.

    Intially i did not had a VPN router. When i got internet connection the service provider himself gave
    a DSL router.(prestige 600 series) which has got one rj11 port and one rj45 port.

    we just connect that DSL router to a switch using RJ45 port.And the LAN IP of the DSL router is the gatway for us. That is been shared by 11 users. When i check for bandwidth speed it gives speed of arround 300 kbps to 350 kbps.

    Later we purchased RVL200 linksys Router. And we want that router has to be the gateway for using internet.

    So we made the existing DSL router as bridge and configured the Static IP address in the RVL 200 router. And assigned a LAN IP to the RVL router which was the gateway now.

    After this configuration when i ping My ISP DNS server IP address I get the Latency timing as 12ms and 13ms constantly if i use one computer. If many computers share that internet connection then my Latency speed when i ping my ISP DNS server is 300ms or higher.

    But when my DSL router was directly connected the Latency speed when i ping my ISP DNS server is 1ms.

    And also when any download begins my bandwidth speed dimnishes to 100kbps or below.

    I can see one more problem is suddenly the users cant browse the internet. but the VPN Routers IP address gives reply but the ISP DNS servers IP address wont give reply. If i reset the power of VPN router then it will work.

    Can u please suggest me a solution . And I have attached a simple flow of connectivity diagram kindly check that too.


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