Internet -> WAG54g -> WDS -> WRT54G Port Forwarding

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by dragi, Oct 18, 2005.

  1. dragi

    dragi Network Guru Member


    as described I have a WAG54g ( connected with ADSL and a WRT54g( connected via WDS through the WAG54g to use the Internet connection. Now I have to open a few ports and for testing I use emule because it opens a Webpage that shows if the port is reachebal or not. I forwarded Port4661 at the WAG54g to the WRT54G and at the WRT I forwarded Port 4661 to my PC ( But the Port is not reachebal?! Second I set the WRT into the DMZ of the WAG but that also fails. How can I open Ports for my applications? Can anyone give me a hint?


  2. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Hi again,

    In a first step try to forward with a PC wired to the Wag.
    If single port forwarding doesn't work, try with port range, that's much more reliable.
    When it's OK, try through WDS...
  3. ZaK

    ZaK Network Guru Member

    first of all, disable the firewall of the WAG. I have the same configuration. Internet-WAG - - - - - WRT-Debian server
    If the fireweall is active, I can't use mi web server because the ports mapping doesn`t work ok.
  4. dragi

    dragi Network Guru Member

    OK, when I´m @home I will try it. But the WRT must not be in the DMZ of the WAG, or?
  5. Subah

    Subah Network Guru Member

    Dragi, :thumbup:
    please how can i connect the WAG45G to the WRT45G ?
    as i read up you connect it by WDS , what is the firmware in both of them? :shock:
    and what the V. for both of them ? :cheerup:
  6. dragi

    dragi Network Guru Member


    The Firmware of WAG is 1.02.7. The WRT is V3.1 and runs with DD-WRT #22. In both I enabled WDS and entered the Mac Adress of the WRT in WAG and the MAC of WAG in WRT. Then they connected to each other.

  7. Subah

    Subah Network Guru Member

    Thank you very much Dtagi, but do you have any problem when you upgrade the firmware for the WAG45G to 1.02.7 , because i read so many problem in the forum the users get it when they upgrade this firmware ?
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