intranet solution with WRT54G and 3Com Superstack Switch

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by myoo, Aug 11, 2005.

  1. myoo

    myoo Network Guru Member


    I'm searching for a solution for our little network @ home:
    We have 2 DSL-Internet Connections (2 different ISPs) for about 8 Appartements which were connected via one 3Com SuperStack 3300 with cat5 ethernet-cable. These appartements should have access to the internet (spread over the 2 ISP's), but not to each other. For routing to the internet i have 2 routers: my old Netgear RT314 an my new (toy) the WRT54G (V2).

    My idea: I want to put each appartement to a separate vlan (the 3com switch supports vlan). One port at the switch gets all vlan-id's which is connected to the WRT54G-Router. He should decide which vlan gets which gateway to the internet. I hope that i can realize this via DHCP -Server (static dhcp entry's) configuration on the WRT ? The other router is connected to another port on the 3com switch.

    My Question: Is this possible ? Or does somebody have a better idea ?

    My (first) problem: The vlan configuration on the 3com switch wich route's any vlan's to the WRT54G is not the problem. But either every vlan have access to WRT54G (Port 4 tagged and set all "bridge to LAN") or if i set "bridge to None" no vlan can access the WRT54G (and even not see each other ;-) ).
    I've tried to add ip's to the vlan's (with ifconfig and/or ip addr add). But the only device which works with anoter ip is the bridge br0. Why can i not access the the router when i add a ip to on of the vlan devices (of course i've changed the client ip-address too) ?

    The wrt firmware i'm testing is freeman 1.0.4 at the moment ...

    Does somebody have an idea and can help me with this ?


    Edit: Sorry - this topic belongs to networking - not to the DD-WRT-Firmware discussion ... :oops:
  2. zgamer

    zgamer Network Guru Member

    I would opt for a watchguard firewall with the dual-isp option enabled, they have a few models which support this. Then this would be the backbone providing double the bandwidth when everything is up and fail-over protection incase one line goes down. I haven't tried vlanning the 3300 series of 3com's equipment but it should work.
  3. myoo

    myoo Network Guru Member

    Dual-ISP for double bandwidth and fail-over protectection is a really nice idea ...

    But WHO or WHAT supports this ? A special WRT54G firmware (i don't want to buy (more) other hardware) ?

    Vlanning of the 3com switch works fine. My problem is vlanning on my WRT54G at the moment: I have no idea how to setup the WRT54G, that the different vlan-members can NOT access each other (only the router for internet access).
    WRT54G: If i set the vlan's "bridge to none" no one can access the router (and they can not see each other of course) - if i set vlan's "bridge to LAN" they can access the router an see each other ... :(
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