Invalid DNS addresses 'stuck' in BEFSR41 - no way to fix?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by SPotsBot, Nov 22, 2005.

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    Been running with 1.44.2 on sympatico ISP - for years!
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    - using BEFSR41 - no problems - since 1.44.2.
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    Lately, I have had some problems
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    BEFSR41 PPPoE connects - no problem.
    (incorrext!) DNS ip addresses appear to be "stuck' in the BEFSR41.

    Browsers on the LAN side cannot get past DNS lookup;
    pinging DNS addresses on status page - 'no reply';

    After arguing with sympatico "tech support" supervisors I got them to admit that DNS addresses DO change from time to time.

    There is no provision to manually set the DNS address(es) in the BEFSR41.
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    If I manually set 'correct' DNS address in LAN side PC network settings I can get through to web but the WRONG DNS addresses are still 'stuck' in the BEFSR41 - with no way to corect them!??

    I believe in the philosophy of "If it ain't broke - don't fix it".

    Is there a later firmware with a fix for this 'stuck' DNS (with no manual override) issue?

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    Crying or Very sad :-</A>

    Old fart computer systems engineer
    (Wrote my first program in 1968)

    (That doesn´t mean I know what I´m talking about!)
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    Silly me!

    I found a DNS table on the DHCP setup page.

    Funny place to put it, no?

    We'll se if that helps.

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    Well, I put the 'curent' DNS adress that yech "support" (good luck!) gave me over the 'phone.

    It still keps dropping the connection - requiring a router reset to restore it.

    This router (with 1.44.2) on has been running, problem-free, for 4 years (on the original DNS).

    I see that sympatico assigned a new DNS for my 'segment' but what else has changed?

    Linksys won't answer my question about PPPoE protocol picking up correct DNS address from NAK'ed DNS request reponse. They just say "doenload latest firmware".

    Sympatico (lower-level) tech 'support' can't handle any setup with a 'router' in it !!???????????? (They'd better get with it!!)

    So, I'll try the 1.46.... and see what happens (I'll back up the 1.44.2. binary first!)
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