IP Address Conflict?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Chris Bickley, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Chris Bickley

    Chris Bickley LI Guru Member

    We have just recently installed a network at our house. The main computer is connected to the router (WRT54GS), and two Laptops are connected via Wireless adapters (WPC54GS).

    We have however started getting an error along the lines of, "There is an IP Address conflict with another user on the network".

    I then looked at all three computers' IP addresses, and i notice that the main computers IP address ended in 100, one laptop's address ended in 101 and the other ones IP Address ended in 100 as well.

    I'm guessing that the conflict is between the computers whose IP addresses end in 100.

    Am i right in thinking that to get past this issue i have to change one of the IP Addresses? If this is the case, what do i change one IP address to? Can i just change the last three digits to 102 instead or do i have to do something completely different?

    Thanks for reading, any help would be highly appreciated.

  2. sterner

    sterner LI Guru Member

    You are correct. Change one of the 100's to a 102.
  3. robertg

    robertg Network Guru Member

    Or just turn router off then on again

    If you turn the router off then on again, the problem should go away. If not, then look for a firmware upgrade.
  4. Chris Bickley

    Chris Bickley LI Guru Member

    I restarted the router just before i wrote this topic so i will leave it as it is and see how it goes first.

    My firmware is the latest of the Linksys site.

    If not i will do as "sterner" said.
  5. cartvader1

    cartvader1 Network Guru Member

    I would also make sure that none of your 3 computers are set to have a static (user defined not server defined) ip address in the IP range. If you have a computer specifically set to use an IP ending in 100 and the IP range of your DHCP server is 100-150 then it will try to give out that address and you will have the came problem again.

    Good luck
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