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    I have a WDS network setup in my multi-floor property:

    WRT54G #1 ( is set as DHCP. It is connected via WDS to two other WRT54G units, #2 ( and #3 ( (#2 and #3 do not connect to/see each other). Although there is no internet connection, anything plugged into any of routers #1 to #3 is visible on the network, as are any roaming WiFi devices (I have two laptops). IP addresses are issued to all devices just fine. (It is important for me to issue fixed IPs to each of my devices...)

    The Problem:
    I have now introduced a Netgear DG834GT ADSL WiFi router (#4, to the network to provide an internet connection from my ADSL provider, by connecting it to a LAN port on #1 (and on which I have now disabled DHCP). I have also disabled the wireless on #4.

    This works fine, and #4 provides internet and DHCP through #1, and to both #2 and #3; IP addresses are issued OK. With ONE exception. WiFi devices can connect to the WDS network, but cannot get an IP address.

    Can anyone explain to me what I need to do?

    I did try disabling DHCP on #4 and enabling it on #1 (so th#4 is a 'dumb' ADSL modem), and then setting in #1 the IP/DNS details contained in #4 for my ISP. This did not work.

    I also tried having DHCP enabled on all routers (each issuing 10 IP addresses, e.g. issues; issues etc.)

    Someone also suggested I set the router addresses to be, etc...

    Any help would be immensely appreciated. It is very annoying having excellent WiFi coverage (and a cable-less network) throughout my property, but not being able to connect any WiFi devices to it!

    Thank you in anticipation - Steven.
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