iPaq h4150 wireless connection problems

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by CJackel492, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. CJackel492

    CJackel492 Network Guru Member

    Hi, I've got both a WAG54G and a new HP iPaq h4150

    I've got my wieless netowrk hidden and set to 64bit encription,

    But I can't get them both to talk?

    Any idea's where to look?

    64bit encription is because of my network card for mez laptop,

  2. RafaelK

    RafaelK Network Guru Member

    Hi Carlos,

    do you have WPA enabled or just WEP? If you have WPA the iPAQ won´t work because it doesn´t support it. I have the same problem and I´m still waiting for HP to release new drivers.


  3. CJackel492

    CJackel492 Network Guru Member

    I have it set on WEP encription, BUT,

    I changed it to completely open, and had the SSID shown, but still with no protection it still won't connect.

    I've tryied all sorts of combinations I know my iPaq will connect to a wireless network as while over a friends, I found 1 of their nebours had an open network and it connected without any problems,

  4. yonnage

    yonnage Network Guru Member

    b or g

    is ipaq b or g wireless? whichever it is try setting wireless mode on router to the cards speed
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