IPSEC VPN Server in WifiBox?

Discussion in 'Other Firmware Projects' started by johnt, Jul 20, 2004.

  1. johnt

    johnt Network Guru Member

    The documentation around on the net is rather sketchy when it comes to VPN on the WiFiBox.

    Is ther a IPSEC VPN server implemenation on the router itself? - or
    is port forwarding only implemented.

    Is there a documentation link that someone can provide which will assist me in my quest.

  2. Clewin

    Clewin Guest

    > Is ther a IPSEC VPN server implemenation on the router itself? - or
    is port forwarding only implemented.

    partial answer to part I:
    According to

    It contains a VPN server and client for IPSec (or IPsec depending on where you look) with the 2.02.2 based release. There's no indication of which distribution it uses for IPSec, but the two most common for Linux are part of the IPv6 projects FreeS/WAN and KAME, so I'd look on those sites for appropriate documentation. I'm guessing FreeS/WAN because that's what the 2.4 linux kernel comes with (and KAME in 2.5+).

    As for part 2 - port forwarding, it would work but you don't need to bother - VPN passthrough is supported for IPSec and PPTP. Incidentally, this is also supported in the Linksys supplied firmware (I use it). What this means is VPN will be forwarded from any number of hosts and still get back to the correct host with a legal IPSec header (the header usually breaks in NAT, which is why NAT doesn't work through IPSec without passthrough). It's been a while since I studied this, but I think this won't work if the site requires an authentication header (AH), but I believe AH breaks NAT at both ends, so it's rarely used unless using IPv6 (NAT is frowned upon in IPv6).
  3. hojbjerg

    hojbjerg Guest

    I don't think it has a IPSec VPN server or client. The '+' means that it is coming in a future release.
  4. tji

    tji Network Guru Member

    It would be interesting to see what sort of throughput the WRT54G can support. IPSec is very CPU intensive.. It might be able to handle WAN communications - where outbound speeds are often limited to 128-256Kbps. But, it wouldn't be a great option for securing the wireless communications.
  5. Tanguy

    Tanguy Network Guru Member

    i want to make a stable firmware with wifibox...
    mine is up since 3 days now with torrent use... and it's working nice :)
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