ipsec vpn WAG54Gv3 to watchguard firebox x500e

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by minimac, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. minimac

    minimac Guest

    I'm hoping someone might have been here before with a linksys product.

    We have a watchguard at one end which is running vpn's to dlink, juniper and other products. This particular vpn is to a branch who were running on a dlink di804hv.

    The ip subnet and addressing is correct, as is the static ip address.

    Phase 1 is running 3DES and MD5, with group 1 (768 bit) on both ends). We have pfs enabled (have also tried it disabled). Auto IKE with common preshared key.

    Phase 2 has been set up the same, but we have varied the config a few times trying to get a connect.

    The firebox tells us that phase 1 is connecting successfully.
    When it comes to phase 2, it fails. Log from firebox;
    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Searching ID: IP address - policy [ss_mike] peerId []

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Phase 1 started by peer with policy [ss_mike] from aggressive mode

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Sending second message with policy [ss_mike] to aggressive mode

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Received third message with policy [ss_mike] from aggressive mode

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Phase 1 completed as responder

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked AG hash_alg=1 encr_alg=5 key_len=168 auth_alg=1 dh_group=1 seconds=28803 kbytes=0

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Phase 2 started by peer with message(id 50dee14d) from quick mode

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Isakmp INFO_EXCHANGE : HDR EncryptBit/AuthBit are not set or both set 0

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked PMM rejected Remote P2SA Request, reason code=10102

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked WARNING: Rejected phase 2 negotiation from due to not preferred IKE gateway (multi-WAN)

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 QuickMode: <<1st - failed to get policy by ID payload new_msg=" QuickMode: <<1st - failed to get policy by ID payload"

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Rejected QM first message from to cookies i=27cff5f6 195c5783 r=d6d5734d 0839a749

    2008-01-08 10:24:04 iked Sending NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN message to

    The WAP54g comes back with
    2008-01-08T12:17:38+12:00 IKE["ss_croy"] Rx << Notify : NO_PROPOSAL_CHOSEN
    2008-01-08T12:17:38+12:00 IKE["ss_croy"] **Check your Encryption,Authentication method and PFS settings !

    At least they agree!!

    We have tried all different options wtih this but can't seem to get phase 2 to work. I am hoping there is more clarity somewhere on this error message.

  2. jedimastermopar

    jedimastermopar LI Guru Member

    I am getting the exact same issue, with a watchguard X700 and a Netgear ProSafe, Did you find a fix for this? Same error on both ends, including the watchguard log file.
  3. infested

    infested Guest

    I would like to know if anyone has had luck with this. I am using an x750e with a RV042 trying to get a tunnel to connect. Same error on Phase 2. Phase 1 connects fine.
  4. jedimastermopar

    jedimastermopar LI Guru Member

    I did get them working after many hours of agony, and several cases of Red Bull. :)
    I am just trying to remember what the settings were on the watchguard.
    A I recall off hand a few settings needed to be tweaked on the watchguard.

    On the watchguard phase 2
    Disable PFS
    use ESP-DES-MD5
    The local address is the local internal subnet, the remote address is the remote internal subnet
    Enable IPSec Pass Through, Disabe TOS
    Phase 1
    IKE Keep-Alive MUST be enable with Nat transversal disabled
    MD5-DES DH1

    Also You need to do a hard boot on the Watchguard or it won't accept the settings.

    Thats about all I can remember off hand. Hope it helps.
  5. shane523

    shane523 Addicted to LI Member

    I have successfully connected a RV042 to a X750e, if you still need help I will gladly help. BTW this is with Firmware 8.31 on the Watchguard.

    Now I am trying to do the same with a WRV200 but am not having the same success. With the RV042 you can setup the gateway and tunnel where in the WRV200 you can only setup the tunnel and I think that is my issue. Has anyone else been able to have any success with this?
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